Thursday, 25 January 2007

Weights and Measures

The dinner P cooked for me last night was great, but we agreed that I really needed a large pile of broccoli and perhaps some spinach or other vegetables to steam/stir-fry to make it a proper Sara meal. He'd cooked Udon noodles but I only ate maybe one or two (to be polite); we'd had to miss out the miso too, because his brand had fish sauce in. No way I can crunch the meal into COM because I'd just be guessing on the measures and I wasn't keeping an eye (deliberately!) on the oil he was using for the delicious ginger and garlic mushrooms... Drank a bit more wine than I really should have done; shiraz-cabernet, and some Bourgueil. I think yesterday ended on about 1200 cals and roughly the same in nutritional value as when I left home, with a bit more protein.

This morning's read around blogs made me start thinking about weights and measures because I still seem to be eating a huge amount compared to other people's lists (not that I should be comparing, of course, but still). Was particularly wondering what a cup translates to: there's lots of 1/2 a cup of this, and 1/2 a cup of that. I found this tool on the net which I might use a bit more often.

For example, 100g of broccoli is 0.64 of a cup, not 0.5... So actually it's not my imagination; I am eating more by volume!

I've ordered a decent scale from Amazon now anyway. My current one has been really acting up, and sometimes decides to weigh backwards. I think it's possessed.

Not sure today will be a great day for ON. I've had my raspberries, blueberries, 4 (!) almonds, 1 brazil, pumpkin seeds and yoghurt for breakfast. I think I will call this my berry breakfast now, because it's always the same mixture. I really like the sound of Emily's sweet eggwhites; I'm going to try that when I get a chance for maybe an alternative to the berry breakfast and the oatmeal... But I've no idea what I will be doing for lunch and dinner and we have a wine tasting tonight. Must remember to sip and pour, not sip and keep sipping!

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cat said...

yay for scales! i just got an email from amazon saying mine is on it's way!

ha, one of my coworkers always gives me crap about the scent of my broccoli, too -- and i work in a vegetarian office! i happen to enjoy its aroma!