Sunday, 14 January 2007


100g blueberries (55), 100g non-fat yoghurt (58), 15g pumpkin seeds, 15 almonds, 1 tsp flax oil, 250ml light soya milk (52).

Baby spinach leaves, 1 red pepper, 1 tomato, 100g chickpeas, chopped celery, garlic, lemon juice. Blueberries.

I had friends over for dinner and cooked up a load of mushrooms (chestnut, portobello, oyster, weird-and-wonderful-japanese-varieties) and onion in a little prosecco with garlic and onions, and stirred in some non-fat fromage frais at the end (which separated, which was annoying; I had had the mushroom mixture too hot). I cooked rice for them and had one spoonful and we had mixed leaves as well. It tasted fine but aesthetically it wasn't the dish I had in my head, which... irritated me.

Wine too. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

I've toyed with thoughts of deleting this blog, because the entries read... badly. I guess since I left the name of it on another journal, and have commented on a couple of others using my blogger sign in, that I may have had visitors. And I guess they think I am mad.

Please don't. I'm not. I haven't been in a good space in my head these last couple of days, it's true. This happens. This blog isn't "me". It's just the thoughts when I need to let off steam. No one in my real life knows about it. It is both self-indulgent and liberating. I haven't written this much in years, and for me, it's huge step to do so.

(Of course maybe no one has looked at this at all. It's a vast virtual world. Why should they?)

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