Tuesday, 23 January 2007


Due to ill-considered late night coffee and perusal of blogs, I have just emerged from a night of insomnia interspersed with dreams of being kidnapped and forcefed flax oil. In a house on the edge of a busy freeway with signs to Boston, and lots of buses. Then I was rescued by my mother and brother in a campervan, and the only escape route was first through a deserted farmer's market piled high with sweet potatoes and then through an old fishmarket by the sea manned entirely by wooden puppets. And then it got really weird. :-)

125g raspberries, 25g blueberries, 25g avocado, 40g rye bread, 5ml flax(!!), 4 almonds, 1 brazil, pumpkin seeds. I did mean to go to the gym but somehow I ended up back under the duvet with my cat again for an hour or so.

Have made a huge lunch salad that might do for half my dinner as well, if I take it with me to London - spinach, romaine, watercress, chicory aka endive, mushrooms, tomatoes, yellow pepper, raw broccoli, fennel. Am planning 100g of my yoghurt and another 4 almonds as well.

I am hoping the Brewers Yeast I ordered online last week turns up today. That's going to make a huge difference to my nutritional info, I think. If it does I am going to mix it with my yoghurt as a dressing for my veggies and watch those numbers climb! If it does not, I'm going to be quite annoyed because I've paid for the stuff and it's not cheap.

All the above (without Brewers Yeast) puts me at 617 cals, 27g protein (I cannot face eggs today, I really can't), 27g lipids, nastily large number of carbs, and 72% on both vitamins and minerals - B12 and D being the lowest. It's also something I can more or less manage while in London without looking totally insane in front of P. He's used to me eating what he calls "Bird" food now.

Ah bless. P is cooking me dinner tonight and when I asked him what, expecting the usual pasta and salad, or maybe roasted vegetables, he wrote back "Teriyaki tofu with ginger & garlic mushrooms and miso noodles - side dishes of endame beans, pickled cucumber & cucmber/radish salad." I am very excited about my dinner now; that sounds totally delicious and I will get more protein, yay.


Deborah said...

Hi Sara,
Just wanted to say hello. I'm another of the CRON Newbies blogging my way to longevity and good health.

Please link to me if you care too.

I love reading your ingredient lists. I'm in awe of the time you have for all that chopping!

Hope your dinner out was a good as it sounded. How very nice to have someone willing to prepare such a nice meal.

April said...


We promise we will neither kidnap you nor forcefeed you flax oil.


Sara said...

Hi Deborah... I shall add you! I've been reading your blog too.
Yes, all that chopping: sometimes I think I have far more time on my hands than I should have!

April - I picked up Grazia to have a look. Lovely photos, but I wish the article had focused more on ON rather than the CR, don't you?