Tuesday, 16 January 2007

No idea how much...

Breakfast: 100g raspberries (22), 100g blueberries (55), 100g non-fat yogurt (50), 2 almonds (20), pumpkin seeds (pinch, ??), 250 ml light soya milk (50) - call it 250.
Lunch with friends who are detoxing, so vegan and veggie. Lentil soup; spinach and mushrooms over rice. Yummy but more oil than I have been used to recently so small portions left me stuffed.
Dinner: 2 hardboiled egg whites (32), spinach, kale, grilled yellow pepper (grilled peppers are *so good*), cucumber, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice.
Pub: 250ml carmenere. Oops. And I reek of cigarette smoke. Roll on the ban.

It's really not ON is it?

I could really do with one of those magic brownies right now. But endive?! That's equivalent to chicory here. I wonder how that works.

(Handful raspberries, 2 dsp fromage frais, 1 tsp flax oil - ick, ick, ICK - with 3 more raspberries as a chaser - it tasted really bad tonight)


skinnybitch said...

Hi Sara,

I take it you're not a fan of flax oil. Why not eat some walnuts instead? They're good for omega-3's.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and welcome to CRON. Good luck with it! And thanks again for the beet(root) recipe. I'll try it next time.


Sara said...

Hi Robin.
The flax is fine on a salad and mixed in with berries or yoghurt but plain on a spoon is not what I could call the epitome of a gourmet experience. :-) Thanks for the walnut tip; I'll look into that!