Sunday, 28 January 2007

Clean slate on the far horizon

I am so looking forward to Tuesday, because Tuesday is when I will be back in my house, alone, for 4 full days and I can eat CRON-ily and... I can't wait.

I've found it tough the last few days combining my social life and CRON. Because of the social drinking. I think it's fair to say I have tumbled off the CRON wagon since Thursday.

We ate out twice yesterday and I think I made good CR choices (if not ON). For lunch I chose cauliflower cheese with purple sprouting broccoli from the menu, and asked them to go easy on the cheese sauce. As it turned out, the cheese sauce was very thin, and it was easy for me to lift the cauli out, shake it, and put it on the plate with the purple sprouting broccoli which was not purple sprouting broccoli but steamed winter greens!

But we drank some wine.

I snacked on mushrooms and salsa when we got home.

But then we drank some wine.

For dinner I ate a pear and fennel salad, and a main dish with grilled aubergine and hummus and salad. The chef had gone very heavy on the oil on the aubergine, so I didn't finish my plate.

But we were drinking wine.


today, I ate two slices of rye toast for breakfast alongside my berries because I was feeling... delicate.

For lunch I roasted (1 tbsp EVOO) beetroot and carrots from the garden and mixed them with rocket (arugala), spinach and watercress into a salad. We also had some hummus, and some lentil salad, and 1 avocado sliced up, and some mushrooms and celery for dipping (and the 3 others and the cat ate shell-on prawns - my cat is as mad for prawns as April's beastie; she is 26 years old, so I can't deprive her of her treats!).

But we... yeah, we did that again.

So... Great food. But... I need to get some serious self-discipline. April posted about some friends and CR not mixing. This is not an option for me. These friends are my weekend neighbours and very important to me, and of course there is also P.

None of them know I am attempting CRON.

I am back to London tonight to look after a friend who is going under anaesthetic tomorrow. But I am back tomorrow evening, and then it's right back on the wagon in all senses. And I will do some serious work on getting a CRON balance in my London days, and be a lot more strict with myself on the wine because it really, REALLY, is not worth it.

No crunch until Tuesday!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. :-)


HkGrace said...

Hi Sara,
I'm like you in that I haven't explicitly discussed CRON with anybody outside the lovely blog community. It's just really hard and complicated, and for now I feel better keeping it like this. I don't want to lose any friends, either. It just doesn't seem worth gambling anything right now.

April said...

I'm still close with my old wine drinking buddies... I just drink less than they do... usually...

My friends who spread rumours that I was anorexic are no longer so close though.

It's a tough call, but I found that with my closest friends it was best to talk about it first. That way they understood what was going on and didn't feel like I was rejecting them when I didn't want to split an appetizer. It helped that I still drink with them... I just drink more red wine and fewer margaritas. I think if I had decided to stop drinking all together it would have been a lot harder. Luckily, I didn't!

So tell us what wines you were drinking!

I just got back from my favorite wine store where they pick these lovely dark and dry reds for me. I tell them I want the wine to drink like a meal.


Anonymous said...

Pretty uncool, I know, and I prob only just get away with it being foreign, but alternating glasses of wine with soda water and a lime wedge when you're at the pub works wonders. Or if at home, make sure you're the one pouring the wine and stack, baby, stack!!

April said...

You have a 26 year old cat! wow! And I thought my nineteen year old calico was old!

I do love cats. Especially elderly, calm cats.

Excellent idea on the alternating with soda water. I find that if I drink seltzer with a lime, people assume it's a gin and tonic. No one need know!