Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Wassup, Doc?

Hmm, Robin said that beginning CR she felt like a giant stuffed rabbit and that is exactly how I feel at the moment. I couldn't finish my food yesterday, but didn't end the day that much lower on calories that I had planned. But I feel FULL right now. This is because I have just eaten my lunch salad early, and it was huge. I just ploughed away at it until it was all gone; I can't say I really enjoyed it all that much even though it was full of yummy things. Note to self, eating is not a chore! :-) I've plugged what I've eaten so far into COM and it comes up as just under 600 cals which, considering I will probably be eating with non CR friends tonight, seems a lot for just gone noon... but there is 100 cals of rye bread in there (an approximation, of course). Oh, have just realised that I don't usually eat 200g berries for breakfast, it's usually 100g! And also COM thinks raspberries should be 55 cals per 100g and my nutritional info on the pack says 25... Ooh, so full.

100g raspberries
100g blueberries
50g yoghurt
1 brazil nut, 2 almonds

40g rye bread with 25g mashed avocado and 1 hardboiled egg white chopped up - hungry after
gym, should have had the oatmeal but was still too stuffed from yesterday on waking!

100g spinach
100g chicory or endive - I think there is a US/UK mismatch on names here...
125g mushrooms (to finish the pack)
25g watercress
75g fennel
100g beetroot
flax, lemon and garlic dressing

Crunch later.


Emily said...

Your food sounds delicious!

Regarding chicory/endive:
"In England, endive means the curly headed salad plant generally called chicory in the United States. Chicory in England is what the French and Americans call endive or Belgian endive." from http://www.showcook.com/Salad%20Leaves.htm

So: the curly one is called endive in England, and chicory in the US

The white, smooth bulb one is called chicory in the UK, and endive (or belgian endive) in the US - I've always known it as belgian endive.

I would assume CRON-o-Meter uses the US terms. Hope that clears up some confusion!

Sara said...

Ah, it was UK chicory - the white one - and yummy it is too. But I entered it into CRON as endive... Very confusing. Have been wonderful since April's "Eat the Garnish" post yesterday whether kale in the US is what kale in the UK is!

April said...

Good question! I wonder. Maybe some of our UK readers know? Lindsay? Emily? Matt?


Sara said...

I'm sure that kale in the UK is the same as the US - it's a winter leaf, like cabbage, not usually eaten raw though I've developed a taste for it raw now... It's just not something I can imagine being particularly attractive as a garnish, it's not floppy enough, not like a lettuce leaf! I tried to grow cavelo nero (black kale) in my garden last summer but it didn't take. All the more reason to try this year! :-)