Thursday, 18 January 2007

Big City

Was still feeling wobbly when I got on the train last night and knowing it would be at least 3 hours before I got anything decent to eat, I went to the buffet car and got a coffee and a cereal bar - organic, fairtrade "Geobar". Nutritional information was horrible - 136 cals, but 1/3rd fat - 35g bar, 8.8g fat (from memory). But I needed *something* or I think I would either have fainted or gone postal in the rush hour and pushed someone under a train in a fit of hypoglaecimic rage, so the Geobar and all its added yuck it was. :-(

Dinner was as planned - the soup (packaged, but organic, low fat, packed full of veggies, etc) and I steamed some of the leftover spinach and kale and mixed it in. Glass of red wine.

I think I hit over a 1000 cals yesterday. But no idea 'bout the nutrition.

Have lost a little weight; this morning am down to 8st 8lbs, or 54.5kg. I must have been slouching on the scales because my height got measured at 5'4.5" - and I am way taller than that!

Breakfast was oatmeal with fresh raspberries and 0% Total. I have salad (will the spinach and kale never end) with tomatoes for lunch and will find some protein to add to it. Tonight I won't get away with not eating out, so I want to keep the calories low during the day.

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