Tuesday, 23 January 2007

More posts than days

Back from dinner and am not going to crunch it, but I've definitely hit my 1200 and maybe a little more today. My friend made a wonderful meal of leek and potato soup, grilled portabello, cous-cous, zucchini and tomatoes, halloumi and leaves. No cous-cous for me, one bowl of soup, one slice of bread, 5 olives, a little hummus, one slice of halloumi, one mushroom, loads of veggies and a huge pile of leaves. LOADS of olive oil, I think. One glass of red and a few sips of white. Admittedly if I had been alone this evening, there is no way I could have (or indeed would have) upped my totals from 600 to 1200 in one meal; I think I would have managed (just) to make 900. That has been normal for me for YEARS. But now I am now thinking about averages - yes, alone I can eat very little (it's amazing how stubborn my mind can make me), but I am not alone for any more than 3 or 4 evenings a week, and on those evenings my calories are going to be higher. So on average, if I did the math (which being innumerate, I can't), I am probably not as low in calories as I seem to be right now. I shall enter as much as I can into COM and see. I will be happy if I am hitting all my nutritional bases to be honest.


skinnybitch said...

Mmm, that dinner sounds yummy!

I'm glad to see you incorporating avocado into your diet. I just think it's one of the best foods on earth. If you're having trouble eating enough calories, avocado is just the thing. It provides lots of good fat, which boosts the calories,and all these wonderful nutrients, including potassium, folate and B6. I eat about 70 g of it every day in my salad.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad people are posting pictures of themselves! It's nice to be able to see people. You and I are the same height and weight, so I'm always that extra bit curious to see how your process is going for you...

I've just started incorporating avocado into my diet more too, BTW... It's so good in salads! :-)

Okay- take care!

Sara said...

Hi Robin. I love avocado, I really do. I don't like the high numbers for the calories on the screen though! So baby avocado steps for me... along with the almonds; I'm planning to eat twice my usual amount of those today and work up from there. Determined to do this right. :-)

And Haesel - hi! Yes, I noticed we were pretty much the same but you look a lot smaller than me in your photo! I'd be interested to know how you are managing to do your 1600 cals a day - since I am having problems getting anywhere near that (on an "alone" day, of course). :-)