Monday, 15 January 2007

New week

I thought I'd try a different breakfast today - had a bowl of raspberries left over from the dinner last night, and added 100g non-fat yogurt, some pumpkin seeds and 2 chopped almonds. 250 ml light soya milk. Fewer calories than my usual oatmeal. When I went to the gym afterwards I really felt that, I think; I didn't feel as though I could do as much as usual - but that could be because I missed the gym a lot before Xmas and have only been 3 times this year so far, and fitness goes away so fast at 34!

Lunch was leftover mushrooms and scrambed egg whites. Ick. I really think I can only stomach eggwhites if they are hardboiled and chopped. 100g blueberries and a spoonful of non-fat fromage frais.

Dinner is salad leaves with 100g chickpeas, 100g cherry tomatoes, 1tsp flax oil, lemon juice, 1tsp mixed seeds, and steamed broccoli.

I seem to be quite low on calories - although I can't use any software to prove that. My PC belongs to work and I can't download or install any applications that are unrelated to my job. I suppose I've always been quite low on calories - the main things I have cut out eating these last two weeks are oatcakes and rice cakes, which is probably saving me around 300 cals a day, and I haven't been drinking as much wine as I was - which is good. My maths makes this under 600 cals for the day though. Definitely under 700. Which... um, probably isn't good. Maybe I will have some more yogurt and berries when I get home from pottery class later.

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