Sunday, 21 January 2007

Don't drink and blog, kids...

I guess last night's was a reasonably coherent D&B post though. :-)

Breakfast (cals approx):
50g raspberries - 11
50g blueberries - 22
100g yoghurt - 58
1 brazil nut - 33
2 almonds - 20
pinch pumpkin seeds

150 - 160 total.

33 cals extra for the brazil nut is worth it because it means I don't have to take my Selenium ACE. I have over 100% of my selenium in that nut, and if I have the same sort of lunch as yesterday I will be good on A and C too. E will be low, along with loads of others I guess - and will have to keep guessing!! I had no idea that the A in my selenium was animal derived until yesterday. Yuck. I suppose I thought that all supplemental vits were artificially created - and while that's obviously not good... Oh let's face it, I didn't think about it at all, really. I just swallowed them. I still took my veggie multi-vit and a hefty dose of milk thistle to try and balance out last night's wine.

I really should get to the gym... attendance this year has been woeful.

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