Saturday, 20 January 2007

Go me!

100g non-fat yogurt. I found one with higher protein and slightly lower calories, but no calcium info, and since it is imported and non-organic I am sticking with my regular brand where possible. Yeo Organics, mmm.
25g or fewer blueberries
4 almonds
pumpkin seeds
1 dsp grapenuts (I don't think I like these but I wanted the crunch of something and they are good for the RDAs)

Less than 200 cals for breakfast.

Still haven't got cron-o-meter working, but have been doing some math on my lunch, just out of interest.

For lunch I ate:
100g broccoli, steamed
100g cauliflower, steamed
50g baby spinach leaves raw
50g romaine lettuce raw
2 egg whites, hardboiled
Dressing made with with 1 1/2 tsp fax, lemon juice, mustard

Using NutritionData.Com and WHFoods (thanks Robin for that link on your blog; it's great), I've worked out that for just 120 cals or so, without the dressing, I got super amounts of K, A and C, and loads of other good things. Not too bad on the protein either. I think the dressing added another 80 or so cals, so call it 200 cals for lunch too.

This would have been a pretty typical meal for me over the last four or so years, maybe more. So actually maybe I really have been CRON for much, much longer than I thought.... I've always thought that apart from the wine, my diet has been pretty healthy even though I ate mostly vegetables and salad leaves and piles and piles of broccoli and not much else. I was eating more bread and other grains and cheese towards the end of last year and that was what was making me feel fat and blah, I think. I still feel a bit blah, and I had the mother of all fat days yesterday. But I guess maybe I am never going to have the "Wow, eureka, it works!" moment that I've been seeing posted with such joy on other blogs - because I naturally went past that point ways back. I lost the taste for junk food years ago; it's just the wine that's my friendly little demon now.

It would be really nice to be able to see the pretty figures in black and white, or even nice colour, and be sure though. So I really hope I can get that software working...

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