Friday, 19 January 2007

Serves me right

Feel dreadful this morning.

Drank more wine than I should have done last night - I have been trying to limit myself to one 250ml glass a day (which is still too much, but means I don't get tempted to have 2 175ml glasses) - while out on what turned out to be a less than relaxing evening with current partner and my ex. We ate out, and there was nothing on the menu I wanted to eat. I ended up eating a mozzarella salad with rocket, green beans, tomatoes and a gloopy amount of dressing. I left most of the cheese, and didn't eat any of the bread on the table. 8 black olives.

The amount of wine I drank wasn't awful by any means and last year I'd have had no problems with it. I guess right now I am not eating enough to cope with it. I should just have said no to it. I didn't want more than my one glass anyway.

Breakfast - raspberries, Total 0%, pumpkin seeds, and a banana when I got into the office.
Lunch - salad leaves, 100g tofu (156 cals), 2 tomatoes, pumpkin seeds. Miso soup (40 cals). 75g approx blueberries.

I ordered Brewers Yeast!

Later, at home. Am finishing the day with a small plate of steamed broccoli, about 100g. Ate bean salad and edamame on the train, for about 325 cals. 2 dried figs.

Very low calorie day I think. Am very tired still from last night's excess-which-was-not-excess.

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