Friday, 12 January 2007

Just this journal and the world

... if the world cares to look, of course, which it (thankfully) won't.

I clearly need to do a lot more reading around nutritional theory; I'd forgotten, or hadn't really taken into consideration, the chemistry of the body. Concentrating so much on which foods I consume, and blindly ignoring that actually the process doesn't stop with swallowing. I need to think more! :-)

So, yesterday. As I anticipated, it's not so easy to be as strict in London as I can be at home - or rather, as careful. I ate the bean salad from M&S for lunch yesterday with some of a bag of rocket, spinach and watercress salad. I also ate the 110g of blueberries and pomegranate seeds. Dinner was a bit hap-hazard, because by the time we got home I was starving hungry. I made us sauteed portobello mushrooms with garlic and lemon on rye toast with more leaves, while the meal I was planning cooked. Tofu for me; rib-eye for him - red russian kale, baked tomatoes, baked sweet potatoes. But we were both full after the mushrooms... until about 11pm, when I found myself eating 100g of cold smoked tofu with baked tomatoes on the side and then falling into bed with a full stomach. I've no idea what the day's calories were, or the nutrition.

I shopped for dinner foods at Fresh and Wild in Soho and was really annoyed at the prices and the lack of choice of products. I could have gotten fresher and more varied vegetables at the market around the corner at a fraction of the price, and Wholefoods or not, there is a huge amount of junk on the shelves dressed up to appear healthy... but it's not. That really bugs me. And so very, very expensive; I don't mind paying for quality food, and do - but none of the fresh produce there said "quality" to me. It said - "rip off".

Anyway, with my protein dilemma in mind I looked at the soya supplements that come straight out of the US. But the ingredients list on the back of the packet that read like a chemistry lesson is really, really offputting. Surely it's possible to get that sort of thing without all those artifical additives and flavourings. Cookies and cream flavour, for God's sake? Why would you, why?

I'll check Holland and Barrett later.

This morning I ate a small plain soya yoghurt (60 cals or so) with pumpkin seeds and a few barley flakes and 2 small slices of rye bread with honey. Not CRON at all, I guess. Healthy, I think - but. Oh well, these things will happen.

I suppose CRON is a label that I am newly applying, now that I have discovered it, for a way of eating I have been following or attempting to follow for a while now. It may be a misplaced label; I don't know. I don't even know why I am attempting to justify labelling this journal, or indeed what I eat and how I eat it...

Too much introspection! On with the day.

Later: lunch - "classic" salad pack from M&S (iceberg, tomatoes, cucumber) with 100g of tofu and some edamame beans - not sure how much. 150g blueberries (which I'll carry on snacking on until they are gone. Oh, they have.). Probably less than 300 cals with 14.3g protein (plus whatever protein in the edamame). The salad was just a base for the tofu; I really loathe iceberg.

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