Tuesday, 16 January 2007


My third recent night listening to the church bells chime the hours, one after the other. I don't know if this is because CRON (or what I should probably call CR-sort-of-maybe-sometimes-if-I-am-lucky-ON in my case) is stopping me from sleeping, or is making me need less sleep than I think I need, and so I don't sleep.

I don't feel too bad for it this morning however, although what little sleep I did have was full of the weirdest dreams.

I blame the flax. :-)

Breakfast (using up food here in prep for next 2 days in London): 25g raspberries, 100g blueberries, slightly more than 100g yogurt, much less than 250mls soya (almost empty carton), pumpkin seeds - about a dozen -, 1tsp flax oil mixed in (and that was fine).

This weekend I need to set aside a time and work through nutrition issues. Fitday is useless for me because it is so US-centric. I can't find a UK equivalent that is free. If anyone can recommend another program (Mary's spreadsheet, or tool, or something) that is unobtrusive on a PC, I'd be grateful. I have a feeling that Cron-O-Meter would stick things all over the place and I'd be in danger of breaching my IT Policy at work (which for a programmer would be embarrassing). Otherwise my plan is to look at the useful links posted elsewhere and make educated guesses where I can. I've been getting concerned that my calories are low without adequate nutrition, which is rather not the point of doing this or writing this blog.

(Food labelling in the UK is not as detailed as food labelling in the US - not that I eat much food that needs labelling anyway, apart from my yogurt and soya milk and the occassional tofu).

I do supplement at the moment with Selenium A-C-E and a vegetarian multi-vitamins tablet and the occasional B-Complex caplet. I should be supplementing on calcium (ammenorhea for years - shedloads of money spent to establish (I hope!) that there was no real cause apart from lifelong bad eating habits and fifteen years on the Pill but I really wouldn't recommend it as a goal - so an increased risk of oesteoporosis, apparently) but since I've been eating yogurt and dairy for the past year I think I am ok on that.

Gym now.

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April said...

Low dose melatonin, from Life Extension Foundation. take one right before bed. It will cure the insomnia.

Take it from the pair of insomniacs who sleep in my bed every night, me and MR. As long as our demented nineteen year old cat says quiet, we sleep well.