Friday, 26 January 2007

A Bad Day

Yesterday was a very bad day for my CR. The first really bad day I've had all year, and I am as petulant as a child about it. I guess I can write it up to experience and try not to let it happen again, but I can see it very easily happening again on similar occasions - ie, when I am in London, socialising in an evening, and when that socialising is predominantly wine tasting (which is something I am very interested in and do not want to give up). The bulk of my calories yesterday probably came from alcohol. :-(

I tried to eat well during the day - berry breakfast; a cannellini bean and vegetable soup from Luscious Organic on Kensington High Street with some broccoli I grabbed from M&S and microwaved (never again), 100g mango, a banana, a small pot of soya yoghurt, 12 (!!) almonds over the course of the day. But I met friends in a pub before the tasting, and we drank wine there. At the tasting I took one sip from most of the glasses and tipped the rest (we are only talking about 1oz pours here), but a couple of them I finished. The worst of it was knowing that I was getting hungrier and hungrier, despite hoarding the carrot sticks that were on the table and having a little hummus as well. So when we left the tasting I was ravenous, and when we got home I was so cross with being ravenous that I drank another glass of wine, and I shouldn't have done that. Finally ate tofu and stir-fried vegetables (with mushrooms) and edamame at midnight.

I guess it's not really so bad when I write it down. But I feel a bit of a failure today.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it! One day in an entire month is not bad, not bad at all!

Deborah said...

No need to dwell on a so-so day (you ate well for 75 percent of it..that's not so bad really)'s a journey and a path.. not to worry. You wrote about it and it's been released. Today is a new day (actually you are already into it half way by now.)
Time to move on. Go read Mary R's posting. It's beautiful and inspiring.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Oh Sara :)
don't worry too much ... as you said - it wasn't that bad. And if makes you feel better, I blew it yesterday too - tho I went wild with sweets not cocktails.
smiles - J

April said...


It's the wine that gets me too. I'd much rather drink wine than have a dessert or whatever. In fact, I was reading yesterday thinking, "I want to go to the wine tasting!"

In fact, now I really feel like popping into town to go to my favorite wine bar. I should really be giving you helpful suggestions, but instead I am thinking of a glass of wine.

Okay, will write something more helpful later. Meanwhile, don't worry about it.

Your picture is beautiful, btw!


HkGrace said...

That sounds like a pretty wimpy bad day if you ask me. As I was reading I kept expecting your choices to get worse, but it never really got that bad! Ending the day with veggies? Virtuous!

Next time, I expect better, and by that I mean worse! Just kidding :)

Have a great weekend.