Thursday, 25 January 2007

Holy Cruciferous!

Oh dear. I've just caused a mass exodus from our open plan office after I microwaved broccoli florets in a bag for lunch, and opened the bag. They have a point; the smell is rather foul. I've promised to eat quickly but the damage is already done!


skinnybitch said...

What is it about broccoli?
Last weekend I had dinner at a friend's house. At one point, everyone looked at my 19-month-old and said, "Hmm, the baby smells like she needs a diaper change." After a quick inspection and subsequent investigation, we discovered that the offending smell was *not* a poopy diaper - it was a bag of precooked broccoli that my friend was reheating in the kitchen.
What makes broccoli so stinky?

Sara said...

I read about the reason for that the other day. I'll try and remember where. It's only packaged broccoli though; I've never had the same yuckiness with grabbing florets straight from the market.