Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Not tracking as carefully today. By which I mean I don't have any little scribbles on the scrap paper to my right recording and guessing at calories, because I am guessing and curiosity is starting to get the better of me... just what precisely *am* I consuming for cals and nutrients?

Today so far:
Breakfast: oatmeal mixed with quinoa, soya yoghurt, flaked almonds; 1/2 glass rice milk. Apple.
Lunch: huge salad of spinach leaves (100g?) and kale dressed with 1 tsp flax oil and lemon juice (which I can't finish); 1 tomato, 2 egg whites, chopped cucumber. 1/4 apple (?) with soya yoghurt, flaked almonds and about 7 or 8 sultanas.

I'm stuffed, feeling greedy, and I know I have wine tasting this evening so all this hard work is likely to go out of the window. :-(

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