Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Running on Empty

I think I should revert to my oatmeal breakfast if I am planning on a decent gym workout, because on berries and dairy I feel stupidly weak and floppy way before I should do.

Apres-Gym: 45g grapenuts mixed up with fromage frais and blueberries. Estimate about 200 cals.

Lunch: huge baby spinach and raw kale salad with 4 hardboiled egg whites, cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper (okay, this was leftovers from yesterday), lemon juice etc; 4 almonds. Estimate 200 cals max.

Coffee, and one teeny tiny piece of plain 90% cocoa chocolate. My appetite is all over the place today - I think due to the gym workout on not enough calories.

Which puts me (with breakfast) at around about 600 cals before heading to London. Dinner is planned to be vegetable soup at 26 cals per 100ml (and there are 600 mls in the pack) with more spinach and kale. Whether that will actually be the case, I don't know.

Still too low! Perhaps I am severely underestimating the calories...

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