Thursday, 1 March 2007

To spare you the horror of discovery...

Brewer's Yeast in OJ at 6.30am? Uh - no. :-(

(I must find Robin's post on the info in the CoM database on the LLBY being wrong, and adjust it in my CoM. The prettier numbers might have lessened the horror, but not much. Still, live and learn!)

Faust last night was terrific but far more crowded since the last time I went. Last time I wandered around for at least 30 minutes alone through the various sets, hearing only the distant muffled thunder of rapid footsteps before silence fell around me again. This time it was difficult to see or move for the crowds haring along the corridors in swift pursuit of the actors. I did, however, discover a silent movie theatre and a nightclub that I had missed previously.

I think a 3rd visit might be in order; this time alone, to really run around and see everything there is to see without worrying about leaving a friend behind, or having a partner stranded alone in the dark on the 4th floor after having cheeked the elevator operator.

Those two paragraphs are going to make no sense to someone who hasn't seen the thing. Sorry!

My back is protesting this morning though, at having done the whole 3 hours while carrying 10lbs of laptop, my clothes for the next couple of days, and a large box of spinach salad. Ow. I am feeble.


skinnybitch said...

No need to go digging through my archives. Here's the info.:

The Lewis Labs Brewer's Yeast entry in COM v0.7 says there is no B1 or B12 per serving. This is wrong. As the package plainly states, a 2-tablespoon serving yields 80% of the DRI of B1 (thiamine) and 5% of the DRI of B-12. Aaron plans to correct the entry in the next version of COM.

Hmm...I can't imagine trying to gulp down brewer's yeast in OJ. It seems to hide quite nicely in my cereal every morning.

Have a great CRON day!

Sara said...

Cheers, thanks! :-)

Emily said...

That play sounds really amazing - wish I was still in London to go see it!

Deborah said...

oh Sara, OJ?? I did apple juice once. Yeech. I use a tad of milk (just enough to make it a paste) with a drop or two of maple syrup and then take big spoonfuls, chew and gulp it down. After two and a half months I gotten past the yuck factor and I've gotten to the tolerable.

That Faust performance sounds amazing. I don't think I've ever been to something quite that interactive. Sounds surreal like out of a movie the way you describe it.

Take care!