Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Safe Upper Limits And On The Road Again

Just so that I don't lose the link, and just in case this is useful to any of you, here is a guide to safe upper limits for vitamins and minerals. I'm assuming it's reasonably current. It looks as though I am reasonably okay for most things despite CoM screaming red bars at me on various vitamins, and while I was slightly concerned about my level of Niacin (double the DRI, and because I am a paranoid worrier, we know this), this document assures me that I am probably fine with it, although maybe I shouldn't eat marmite AND a fortified cereal each day, every day. I need to read it all through properly. Complicated, all this! :-) Really must see if I can find some funds to have all the blood tests and things I should have done, done...

Back to London again this evening but I have a quiet evening in alone with P's cats, since P is working hard and late on a software release. Dinner will be along the lines of steamed spinach with eggwhites and one whole egg (still chasing B12), and (if I can get some) a huge bunch of asparagus - I love asparagus. I've just more or less hoovered out the fridge for lunch - butternut squash, loads of mushrooms cooked with quorn and marmite, steamed broccoli and green beans.

I need a nap now.

I've been thinking vaguely about Cat and Hazel's musings on the privacy of Blogger and how LJ provides more personal security. I guess I count on the absolute vastness of the virtual world concealing me within it; I don't have a whole lot of secrets (apart from, ironically, the existence of this blog!) and I'm not too concerned about having posted some of the more personal things I have posted here. In terms of convenience LJ wins hands down for its friends list and community functionality, but I never wrote half as much on LJ as I write here. Still don't. Blogger has actually allowed me to write more than I have written in years because, I think, I do see it as reasonably anonymous - despite the fact I use my real first name and photo. I haven't had a whole lot of hits on my personal info page, and I am pretty sure if one googles "CR Blog" mine does not appear... so I don't really think many, if any, people are reading this apart from the other CRON bloggers (and maybe not even then!)...

Yeah, so vague thoughts... not entirely sure where I was going with them! But I know I'd better get back to work... :-)


Jacqueline said...

I'm reading :)

April said...

Hi Sara,

I've really enjoyed finding a community of friends all over the world who don't know me, and who are interested in this specific issue that I'm interested in. With my friends at home, I mostly talk about labor stuff and other mutual interests more related to my work and such... it's fun to think about something else sometimes! So I definitely wouldn't have found all these people if it weren't for a more open to the world type of blogging system like blogger.

When I first started, I told everyone in my life about it so they wouldn't find out some other way and think it was weird. I kinda thought they'd read it. As it turns out, NONE of my home friends read it. Myparents do, MR does, and MRs parents do, but no one I knew in RW first reads the blog.

My best friend always says, "I know what you eat. Why would I want to read about it?"


Sara said...

Your friend has a great way of looking at it! :-)