Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Moving On

So, unsurprisingly, yesterday did not end as a good CRON day. We ate tapas and I was still soooo food-wanty that I ordered double portions of espinacas con garbanzos and green beans with artichokes, a huge plate of salad, and shared a platter of very evil pimientos de PatrĂ³n with P. Okay, so I didn't finish all the food, so was not a total glutton, but even so I hate to think what the final calorie count was - let's say the serving was not skimpy on the olive oil.

But today is another day, and (even if it did begin again with cereal, loads of blueberries and early almonds) I don't feel as desparate to chow down on anything and everything this morning, so that's a marked improvement. I will write yesterday off as an anomaly, and I'm back home tonight so can have 3 straight days of uninterrupted CRON eating. Blissful prospect.


HkGrace said...

Hear, hear. Let today be better!

miss m said...

...those chickpeas sound great though!

Christina said...

Eating out is so hard on CRON - food tastes so good when it's something different, and someone else cooks it!
Sounds like it was rather healthy stuff, though. :)