Monday, 12 March 2007

Several Hundred Miles Later

That was quite an exhausting weekend; lots of partying, and lots and lots of driving. I am feeling very tired now.

Due to wine, I have to admit the two days were probably a write-off for CR which is making me feel a bit of a loser and a fraud. I didn't eat much, but I really never am going to have the iron discipline to sip slowly at a single glass of champagne, especially at a wedding party.

I woke up feeling thin on Saturday and Sunday and this morning I woke up feeling like a whale, so I am paying the price. Heigh-ho.

Still, I spent Saturday night with many people who I have known since university days; old friends, old lovers. People whom I love very much; some of whom I remain very close to, some of whom I have drifted apart from. And for the first time I can recall I felt genuinely confident and secure in my skin in front of them; I felt accepted, but by myself, not by them. Very odd. I was also paid a lot of rather drunken compliments, which is always good for the ego. I wish it hadn't taken seventeen years to feel right though. I wish I could have this feeling, and be in my twenties.

I think I am feeling rather old.

For some reason I am finding it really difficult to write this post. I'd love to post some really good CR news, or something introspective and meaningful but actually my mind seems to have frozen up. Maybe I need me some Omega 3's.

Today's CoM Report. This could have been 200 calories lower, and I would still have got good nutrition - 100% vitamins and 99% minerals (only down slightly on sodium) - but I ate cereal in the car while taking a break from the motorway this morning, and a slice of rye bread at lunch, and that has pushed the count right up. I could really have done without either, so I won't be buying the rye bread for a while; it's really not worth it. I prefer to have more room at the end of the day for extra calories than this.

Nutrition Summary for 12 March 2007

General (89%)
Energy | 1163.5 kcal 97%
Protein | 81.4 g 90%
Carbs | 149.3 g 124%
Fiber | 54.0 g 180%
Fat | 35.6 g 89%
Water | 1523.8 g 56%

Vitamins (100%)
Vitamin A | 53384.6 IU 2288%
Folate | 1351.2 µg 338%
B1 (Thiamine) | 2.3 mg 205%
B2 (Riboflavin) | 4.9 mg 448%
B3 (Niacin) | 36.5 mg 261%
B5 (Pantothenic Acid)| 7.0 mg 139%
B6 (Pyridoxine) | 3.7 mg 282%
B12 (Cyanocobalamin) | 3.2 µg 133%
Vitamin C | 426.0 mg 568%
Vitamin D | 437.8 IU 219%
Vitamin E | 23.4 mg 156%
Vitamin K | 1841.3 µg 2046%

Minerals (100%)
Calcium | 1405.5 mg 141%
Copper | 2.6 mg 285%
Iron | 29.0 mg 161%
Magnesium | 733.7 mg 229%
Manganese | 9.3 mg 515%
Phosphorus | 1175.3 mg 168%
Potassium | 5078.4 mg 108%
Selenium | 110.9 µg 202%
Sodium | 1708.4 mg 114%
Zinc | 16.2 mg 202%

Lipids (44%)
Saturated | 4.5 g 22%
Omega-3 | 3.5 g 322%
Omega-6 | 6.0 g 50%
Cholesterol | 9.0 mg 3%


Anonymous said...

In my experience, the only people who feel secure in their 20s are sociopaths. Don't sweat it, enjoy it.

Sara said...

LOL! :-)

I think it was that article on twenty somethings in yesterday's Observer Woman supplement that set me off... They were probably all lying their glossy little socks off.

Sarah said...

Hi, I'm a new CRON'er. Just have to say I'm really impressed with how much ON you manage to get on so few cals. Any secrets? When I bring my cal counts down to the 1000-1200 levels I usually only get about 85% of my RDAs.

Sara said...

Hi Sarah... I include a D supplement in my totals, since I am vegetarian and find it impossible to get D elsewhere. So I guess that's why the numbers look so good. If I take it out (just tried it) the vitamins go down to 93%. I also drink 250ml of a soya milk drink every day that is fortified with calcium, and B12, and that certainly helps.

Otherwise, I eat a lot of vegetables, and a lot of leafy greens.

Today, for instance, I ate nearly 400g spinach (raw and steamed), 200g mushrooms, almonds, pumpkin seeds, steamed leeks, grilled red pepper, chilli made from butternut squash, tomatoes and quorn. Also eggwhites, strawberries, blackberries, and plain yoghurt, and the fortified cereal. I have recently discovered that marmite is excellent for the B's, following a reminder from Miss M.

Some would say that 1000-1200 calories at 5'6" was too low a level, but it works for me, for now. In reality my calories average out higher because I drink red wine and don't record it on CoM, but I am finding it easier and easier to get pretty complete nutrition on fewer calories the more I practice!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I haven't even read that Observer article yet. But really: how hard is it to be beautiful *and* a socialite *and* a model? Now, if one of them was juggling medical school with writing international bestsellers, training with the FBI and teaching in a one-room school in Ghana, that would be impressive. And even then you'd still wonder... yeah, but is she happy?

Anonymous said...

Omigod. I've just gone back and read that Observer article now.

1. Jamelia's great. She's beautiful and a good singer. But, every generation hasn't had loads of same?

2. The woman who works for Quintessentially got that job because her ex founded it. Nice work if you can get it...

3. The only people who write a novel by 40, or rather, a novel that is publishable and worth reading, are Real Writers (tm). And you don't get to be a Real Writer by flitting from thing to thing, stopping just long enough to swing your shiny hair.

4. Anyone can own a Mulberry handbag. It's not like you have to submit your CV to get one.

5. An ACTRESS?? Come on, you can't possibly be envious of an actress no one's ever heard of.

6. A 31-year-old can fly a plane, sail a boat and has two degrees? Pah. I'm 31; I can fly a plane, sail a boat and have five degrees. Again: this is not exactly Nobel Prize stuff here and none of it makes her or me a better, or happier, person.

7. A writer for Conde Nast Brides magazine?? Hello??

Okay. Now, turn it around:

1. You're mid-30s, you're gorgeous, and you have moments of feeling really comfortable, happy etc. You have great friends and do loads of fun stuff.

2. You have an amazing garden: fact. I'm jealous.

3. You're planning a wedding and have a realistic, excellent chance of opening your own restaurant someday.

These are nothing to be sniffed at. Again, go back to the sociopath comment: if they're really doing all this, AND happy, more power to them. But they'd be an extremely rare group.

Sara said...

See, I need pep talks like that. Very good for me. You are, of course, totally right. I might not be 25 any more, but I do have lots going for me, and I really, really need to use my skills and talents more and just get on with it. So what if I don't have loads of financial security, my own house, my own business, two gorgeous children, naturally blonde hair, a flat stomach, designer clothes and a posh handbag at 34?! It's only 34; it shouldn't even be halfway. Plenty of time to get at least half of that lot. Thank you.

You can fly a plane??

Anonymous said...

My partner's father is an ex-RAF pilot and flying instructor. I would have been lucky to escape it. But again, going to prove that a lot of what one achieves is to do with who and what they're exposed to and no reflection on themselves as people.

Anonymous said...
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