Monday, 26 March 2007

The Long Goodbye

My girl, my baby, my Tigsy, is gone.

It's such a beautiful day; warm sunshine, clear blue skies. The kind of spring day that she loved, and would beg to be allowed outside to roam in, and lie in the damp grass, looking at the wind.

I am just so upset - naturally. I hardly want to be in this house without her. I feel very alone.

It's never, ever the right time.


Deborah said...

Oh Sara,
I'm so sorry to hear your news. Poor thing. You've had a good life together.

Take care,

Sara said...

Thank you. I know we are talking about a cat here, but even so - she meant so much.

miss m said...

Oh dear. At least she did have a good innings.

Rachel said...

Losing a cat can be just as hard as losing a human. She was always there for you, and of course you miss her terribly. You have my sincere sympathy.

Christina said...

Sara - So sorry to hear this! She was very lucky to have had such a good owner and a happy life.

April said...

My heart is breaking for you! Big hugs!


April said...

This is from Allswellinhell, I'm posting because she doesn't have a blogspot account:

"How lucky you were that such an amazing specimen, such a lovely
beast, honored you with so many years of joy! You'll never meet
another like Tigsy, but how wonderful that you have so much love to
give - because there are unknown numbers of more beautiful, flopping,
purring furballs out there who long for a scratch between their


Sara said...

Thank you, April and Allswell, and all of you.