Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Catching the zzzz's and saving the pennies

Mmmm, sleep. I love sleep, when I can get it. Good quality, restful sleep - with occasional interesting, entertaining but not worrisome dreams that I can just tell are the products of my mind attempting to let go of stress and crap - but mostly sleep. And I've had almost 12 hours of it, broken by breakfast (LL Brewer's Yeast in Total 0% - hmm, not really, waste of yummy Total) which I did intend to follow with a trip to the gym, but decided to follow with another couple of hours of zzzzz curled up next to the Tigs instead.

I feel so much better. I've been running myself ragged the last few days, dashing all over the country for work and entertainment, and it was going to take its toll sooner or later. I play too hard sometimes; I'm very lucky, of course, that I can and I'm not complaining about it, but simply being quiet and still is very important to wellbeing too. Maybe I should look into practising some form of meditation, like some of you.

Usually one of the first things I do when I get home is head to the supermarket to stock up on my CR staples - fresh veg, fresh berries, yogurt - but today I have enough leftovers in the fridge, freezer and fruit bowl and I must use them, and not run out for more spinach and mushrooms.

I have: red plums, shredded kale, broccoli, asparagus, celery, cucumber, tomato, mung bean sprouts(!), carrots, bell peppers, an entire savoy cabbage, a whole butternut squash that I have just baked in the oven, some lentils defrosting, and some quorn in the freezer. There is also a small packet of hummus which I might have some on of that dark, heavy wheat-free rye bread that comes full of sunflower seeds and vacuum packed... maybe an open faced sandwich with the mung bean sprouts, tomato, chopped bell pepper and celery... Mmm. I think I just came up with a lunch plan! I wonder if there is nutritional information on similar in CoM.

(EDIT - I love the internet. This is it! Except "Serving Size=1 ea" is a bit vague. And the info is in ounces not grams. Urgh, I can see maths in my future just trying to get the DRI of iron out of it and into CoM. I so hate being innumerate).

I must also fit in a gym visit; I have become horribly unmotivated to get there of late, and it's not a good thing (as seen in the mirrors in the changing rooms when I attempted to buy some more jeans this week, in horrible clarity).

Oh yes, and some work. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I eat a similar rye bread but with flax... you can put into a Google search bar "how many grams is x ounces" (where ounces is how much the package says it is). Google will give you the conversion, then work from there to divide package weight by number of slices, and so on.