Thursday, 15 March 2007

Ambushed by Butter

I picked up a package of veggies to steam from Marks and Spencer for lunch - spinach, asparagus, peas, scallions - they had "white wine butter" packed in with them, but it was easy to spot and I took what I thought was the single piece of it out, and zapped the lot in the microwave... but I missed one! Damn. So my lovely lunchtime veggies were coated with melted butter (I'm estimating 10g) for a whopping 71 calories of nothing! Grrrr.

(However, with low-fat cottage cheese on the top, I'm ashamed to report that they were delicious...)

I bought flax oil capsules in Holland & Barrett as well, hoping that taking one or two would set me up for Omega 3's for the day (I'm in London, my flax oil is at home). But I swear, the things are HUGE. Horse pills. No way am I going to be able to swallow them. So I can see myself later on this evening slitting them open with a kitchen knife and getting the contents out any way I can. Sometimes CRON is not glam.

I've eaten nothing but good and ON food today: cereal mixed with brewer's yeast mixed with cinnamon mixed with soy milk; Total 0%; blueberries; almonds; those veggies; mushrooms; cottage cheese... and I am sitting on 850-900 calories at 4.30pm! It's weird. Sometimes I have days when getting to 1000 is really tricky and involves grazing around and constant chewing of spinach like Wallace and Gromit's Were-Rabbit. (These days are getting fewer though). Other days, I seem to inhale calories without even meaning to and BANG! I am almost at my "limit" with an evening to go (and of course the evening involves a wine tasting and no chance for solitary broccoli). Now, just guess which one of those food items I could quite gladly have done without? :-)

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