Monday, 5 March 2007


Hmm, okay, maybe the cereal hit first thing in the morning was not such a good plan after all. I have the serious mid-morning munchies, and I've already eaten around 500 calories (raspberries and Total 0% after the cereal, and an extra 10g of hazelnuts). Oh dear. I can see a Diet Coke in my immediate future, or I will be in danger of eating my lunchtime salad* before eleven. I'm not hungry, just wanting.

In the last few days, people have started commenting on the weight I've lost since January, which made me pay a bit of attention to it too. It's like someone has come along with a giant eraser and rubbed out strange and random bits of me, except for (of course!) the bits that I want to disappear. Meh. Actually I haven't lost that much (am weighing in between 115 and 118 at the moment) but it all seems to be on the move and redistributing - I really need to work at getting back into the gym on a more regular basis and make sure things stay where they should be.

*I'm really looking forward to this; it has baked onions and quorn sausages in it, left over from dinner last night. Yum!

Later... Urgh. 4.30pm and I'm on roughly 1000 calories, give or take a few. Haven't eaten anything bad at all (and am 99% vitamins (lowish on E) and 96% minerals which is as good as it gets), but that is so high for me for this time of day, and I imagine we will be eating out tonight so I can't just call it done. Most irritating.

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Emily said...

Have you considered upping your calories? I don't recall how tall you are, but 115-118 is probably quite thin. If you're below your set point weight, it's better to lose very slowly, which I'm sure you know.

Of course, if you're just blood-sugar hungry and not really hungry, blame the cereal.

Maybe order a salad, no dressing, for dinner? That's likely to be under 200 calories.