Sunday, 4 March 2007

The Rain It Raineth

I'm glad that today's rain didn't arrive until the small hours of this morning, because it meant that we got a fabulous view of the lunar eclipse as we drove back to Somerset from Warwickshire between 10pm and midnight last night. With my eyes glued to the road, I was constantly asking P, "What's it doing now? What's it doing now?" until he persuaded me that maybe I should just stop and look. So I did, got some coffee and stared at the sky. The quality of the light, or lack of it, was amazing, and I haven't seen stars that clearly for many years, even given the light pollution of the service station and the motorway just yards distant. This was a natural phenonomen (sp?!) which had me totally awed; the universe is so amazing, and so implacable, and so huge.

Twelfth Night was also fantastic and I really enjoyed our meal out beforehand, and I slept well after we got home, if not for a long time, so today I feel in a much better mood. I have repeated my nutritional feat of yesterday today, in preparation for heading to London tonight, but it's been slightly knocked off whack by joining the neighbours for lunch and hence social eating - slice of rosemary foccaccia from the local farm shop, 5 black olives, about 10g goat's cheese, 1tsp spinach dip - yogurt based, I think -, 2 pickled onions (no sight of those in CoM!). But I ate my spinach and mushroom salad as planned afterwards (thyme has iron, and oregano has Omega-3 - good to know! - and I mixed those with flax and balsamic and garlic into a dressing), regardless of lunch's unplanned calories, because I wanted to know I had my 100% vits again, dammit. I will, if possible, go lighter on food when I get to P's around 9. I've requested broccoli and asparagus for dinner, and butternut squash.

If, for now, to get 100% on vitamins on days when I can't eat 3 meals at home (or prepare meals in advance), I have to resort to fortified cereal, small amounts of LLBY, and my lite soya milk, I will do so. I've mixed up two pots of cereal mix for the next two mornings which will be in London, to include yesterday's discoveries that got me to my magic number. 20g Kelloggs All Bran Fibre Plus, 20g Grapenuts, 10g almonds, 5g pumpkin seeds, 7g LLBY and 50g either blueberries or strawberries. I can have this either with my soy milk or Total 0%, and it gets me to around 40% on vitamins and minerals with a decent whack of protein, if slightly too high on carbs than I would like (and I'm not happy with the sodium and sugar in those commercial blends), but I will live with it for now. I know I only have to add 200g spinach and 250g mushrooms to that for lunch, maybe a bit of broccoli, with the thyme in a flax-lemon/balsamic dressing and I am at 100% vits (supplementing D), 91% minerals and around 700 calories, which leaves me plenty of scope for the rest of the day.

It feels like cheating but cereal in London it is, for now. Those are the days when I need to get my nutrition when, where and how I can. At home, I can work more on nourishing myself, caring for myself. I think it's this aspect of life that I miss out on a lot, and have been missing out on for sure the last few days. Nutrition v nourishment; it's a tough one. My mind and body are in constant conflict and getting a balance right is a really, really hard thing to do for me.

Seems at 34 one should be too old for such things, doesn't it? Oh well.


HkGrace said...

Goodness no, you're not "too old" for such things. I think you're wise to be self-reflective. Most people don't even want to "go there" so they just ignore what their bodies and minds are telling them.

I often think to your level of nutrition know-how and hope that I'll achieve that by age 34!

Sara said...

The thing is that I have always eaten the right foods - what is really fazing me right now, and what I am finding really difficult, is the quantity that I now have to eat them in to get total nutrition... There always seems to be something for me to fret about with food! :-) Sometimes I wonder what like would be like being able to not even go there, to - in fact - not even know where "there" is, or even that "there" exists!

April said...

I just figured out that LLBY is Lewis Labs Brewers Yeast. Maybe it's the tons of coverage of the Lewis Libby trial in the States, but LLBY was just confusing me.

I'm a little slow sometimes! :)