Friday, 2 March 2007

Spring Forward

Miss M's post on her garden and veggie plot plans, and Hazel's talk of spring, inspired me to share these pictures taken in my garden last year, or the year before, to remind me as I look out on a London street with its stark bare-branched trees that summer really will be here before I know it, even if it doesn't seem that way right now.

And this one is just for the pretty.

I don't have much to blog about CR-wise today, except that my London days' nutrition is getting better thanks to LLBY and fortified cereal. Yesterday would have been pretty perfect in the end if I had managed to add a bag of spinach and subtract several glasses of champagne. Today I am getting my B's from mushrooms and yoghurt, and am on track for 97% vits and 94% minerals, a bit low on iron and potassium. All a bit dull really.


skinnybitch said...

Oh, how beautiful!
I wish I had a green thumb. Alas, every plant I've ever interacted with has ended up dead, with the exception of one extraordinarily hardy peace lily.
You make me want to learn more about gardening.

Sara said...

You've got a hard climate to garden in though; harsh winters and very hot summers (at least, of my limited experience of Boston)! Still, if you have a garden, you can't go wrong growing easy veggies like squash and beans (and the kids will love it) and herbs like lavender and rosemary are virtually indestructible...

Anonymous said...

Lovely garden!

Emily said...

oh wow, your garden is GORGEOUS - so lush & green!