Thursday, 12 April 2007

Wedding Daze

This morning I finally got the first (and the majority) of my wedding invitations into the post. What with deciding on suitable wording, getting them printed on card of a size and colour and weight that we both agreed on in a font that we both agreed on, decorating each one with paper petals and finishing them with hand-tied ribbon, locating addresses, addressing envelopes and stamping them - well, let's say my self-imposed deadline of mailing them 4 months before the day was well and truly missed!

I'm in town again today, and it's great to finally see that the leaves on the horse-chestnut outside my office window have unfurled and there is green to look at. There is also blossom, with petals tumbling in the wind, and it's warm enough not to have to wear a coat. At lunchtime I will probably pack up my usual spinach and mushrooms, find some protein to go with, and head to one of the nearest parks. Holland Park always has wonderful flower displays and it will be nice to see what they are doing so early in the season. Last year the beds were planted full of wild flowers and lavender and it was almost like being at home, apart from the distant noise of the London traffic.

Yesterday was another reasonably low calorie day and I ate practically the same as I did on Tuesday. Packed up veggies at home and brought them into town with me so that when I got to P's I wasn't desperately searching for something suitable to eat (left out on P's kitchen table was a packet of lemon biscuits and a Pot Noodle - not very Sara friendly!). Still wasn't alcohol free, but last night I was sampling one of the potential wedding wines, a Brouilly, so I'm not bothered about it. It wasn't entirely to my taste, but we will be serving several others on the day so I'm sure I will find time for a glass or two of something I just adore.

LATER. The joys of the internet. I've taken advantage of a little slack time to do some browsing around on supplements and the like, using a link that appeared in a response to a posting on one of the CR mailing lists I'm signed up to - cheers, Arturo, indeed. :-) Reasonably useful stuff and not too incomprehensible for a layperson. Well, I think I understand it. The upshot is that I have decided to go back to supplementing with folic acid, and to take calcium and probably magnesium as well. And to cut down on my spinach intake, because although eating 225g of spinach a day makes the numbers in CoM look stunning, there is no guarantee that they are stunning, and I may be losing calcium because of it, and because, quite frankly, I am a little sick of the stuff. More diverse greens in my salads to come, I think. And with luck most of those will be home-grown...


Deborah said...

What a wonderful even to turn your focus too. For some reason I was thinking it was still another year away..but it's July correct?? Yeah Sara!!

Enjoy the joy!


Deborah said...

that was supposed to say event

Illiah said...

Yay, a wedding! what fun!!

I usually have to supplement calcium, since I run a lot, my doctor worries about stress fractures, and my dentist frets about my teeth.
So I keep them happy and supplement calcium and vitamin D. Thinking about folate, but still thinking. I hate spending money.

Arturo said...

Hi Sara
Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I agree that the link that Al Pater shared from the Univ of Oregon is great - it contains very informative stuff.