Monday, 23 April 2007


I was thinking - as I prepared my enormous dinner last night and tried to cram 200g broccoli and 200g of collards into my largest Crueset saucepan - that really I should think about upsizing.

I ate it all as well, along with a not small dish mushrooms and zucchini and tomatoes cooked in the oven with balsamic vinegar and lots of dried herbs.

I wanted to add my own voice to what I will call the debate about disordered eating that is popping up here and there in the various blogs, but Robin has already done it so eleoquently so I shall be brief.

For my own part, I believe CRON to be a way out of disordered thoughts about food, not a way of life that slams the doors of obsession and restriction upon you. Using CoM, I eat less restrictively and more consistently now than I have done for much of my adult life. I probably won't use CoM forever, and I don't use it every day - but it has reinforced the knowledge I already had about what I consume and what I can expect my food to do to my body... or rather, what I can expect my body to do with my food. Food is not the enemy. I don't have to fight with it. It is something I use and work with. I am in control of it. It is not in control of me either by presence or absense.

For weight loss, CR works. Of course it does. But long term it is ON that is important and crucial. And focusing on nutrition and balance is not disordered thinking; it is quite the reverse.

CRON appears to have grounded me... well, as much as I ever will be grounded! I will always be highly strung, somewhat manic and terribly perfectionist.

Anyway, that's all getting a bit old now. So moving on... I had another great weekend, with hot sunny weather, good company, lots of time spent in the garden, and reasonable although not perfect nutrition. I even made it to the gym once! This coming week my usual schedule is shot to hell with family committments and I am all over the place geographically, but that's fine! Life is for living after all, and I am certainly doing that right now.

Have some Lily of the Valley pretty.


artifex said...


That dish of courgettes and mushrooms with herbs looks good - could you post the recipe ? I'd like to add it to the list at

thank you

Deborah said...

Well said Sara!

My goodness your food looks good!!


Christina said...

I agree that it's far healthier to focus not only on calories, but on nutrients too. If someone is going to restrict it's certainly the best way to go.

BTW, those mushrooms look amazing!

Illiah said...

wow, yummy pictures. Too bad you can't email us each a taste.

Arturo said...

Hi Sara
I would add that the stove looks so impeccably clean! I am mainly a raw foodist, so I only use the stove to heat water for tea, or very rarely to warm up a soup. Yet my stove is not as shiny as yours (laugh). I need to pay more attention to The Fly Lady's instructions for cleaning. She would be proud of you.

Mizzi said...

Hi Sara. I absolutely agree with you and my experience has been very similar to yours.

Your food looks delicious and so healthy!