Tuesday, 3 April 2007

The CR Social

So last night I met my first real life CRONie. I picked Hilary up from her aunt's house about fifteen miles away from where I live (narrowly escaping the very generous offer of tea from said aunt - which Hilary later informed me would have come with blueberry muffins!) and we drove back to my house on a rather circuitous route because we were talking so much that I missed the road I should have taken. No matter! We got back here and opened the bottle of wine she had brought with her, and sat on the sofa and just talked and talked as though we had known each other for years; I can honestly say I felt no awkwardness around her once I had met her although I was nervous as all hell at the prospect - would she think I was totally mad? would I think she was totally mad?. It was so funny - we had a lot to say to each other, obviously most of it around CRON but not all of the time.

I had already mostly prepared what was going to go into our dinner.

I'd measured everything into portions and entered them into CoM and crunched it. I was worrying that she would think this totally extreme but no - just normal. Cool! It was just such a relief, we both agreed, to be able to have CoM up in the kitchen and the scales and subtract and add as we prepared our food and not worry (that much!) about judgement. As it turned out, we were adjusting the meal right up to and after we ate it - which amused me.

The menu. Green veggies - asparagus, sugar snaps, green beans, spinach, rocket and edamame. The protein was in a mixture of Total 0%, low-fat cottage cheese and a small amount of low-fat feta, with fresh herbs (mint, basil, coriander) stirred in. And then of course there was the chocolate tofu pudding, topped with blueberries.

Here is Hilary with her resveratrol supplement....

... and me, having forgotten to do something with my hair. In my defence, and indeed Hilary's (although less so!), my camera takes the most appallingly unflattering pictures.

We did try to take a picture of the computer with CoM up, just to prove our CRON geekiness, but the flash wasn't playing ball with the screen.

Shortly after we had eaten everything, it was time for me to take Hilary back towards Wells. I hadn't realised how tired I was getting but it hit me just as I waved her off, and I drove back here with windows open and music blaring. At dinner we'd been discussing how healthy we were in general and how we rarely got colds; when I got home my throat was aching a little and I was feeling sort of buzzy and chilled - oh no. Hubris! But after some sleep, even though it is incredibly early in the morning (and, in fact, still yesterday in Canada according to the posting time of the comment I just left on Hazel's blog!) I feel much better now, which is a relief.

In short, great evening. I really hope that one day more of our paths cross in the real world.


April said...

So much fun! And you both look beautiful in the pictures!


Arturo said...

Hi Sara
How neat that you met fellow CRONie Hilary. I met a fellow CRONie for lunch last year and was so enthusiastic talking about CRON that I did not eat my salad. And my fellow CRONie picked at his and packed the rest to go home. Actually it felt funny to have eaten so little during the visit. It looks like you shared a good CR meal.

Illiah said...

Isn't it amazing how food brings people together? Looks like y'all had a great time, and a great meal.

Deborah said...

What a lovely visit . It's so nice to see the new photos of you and to put another face to a name with Hilary's photo. I'm green with salad envy :)