Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Lazy Grazer

I had real trouble dragging myself to the gym this morning. I have days when I feel more lethargic and lazy than others and on those days I have to battle with myself to just keep moving and keep doing the things I need to do. Today is one of those days and in the gym I was constantly having to motivate my lazy self to move, when all my lazy self actually wanted to do was lie down and do feeble sit ups in a half-doze.

Lazy days always seem to coincide with days when I am picky with food - not fussy picky, but picky as in constant hand-to-mouth grazing. At the moment I am uncomfortably full having eaten, since breakfast (a solid 300 or so cals of yoghurt and extras) - 250g butternut squash with cinnamon and walnuts, a whopping 400g of the ABC soup I made in quantity the other day from Erin's vegblog, 170g odd of collard greens, the whites of 3 hardboiled eggs, 10g almonds and 5g of Goji berries. Working at home is not always great for CR!

... and it carried on! I snacked on steamed spinach and soy sauce, and then on romaine with mushrooms, tomato and fresh herbs from my window box, and then finally progressed to dinner with steamed asparagus, more spinach (purely to bump the iron, however artifically), and quorn sausages which, despite my comment to Jake in the comments to this post about being junk food free, are to all intents and purposes junk food. I have no idea how to enter them into CoM apart from just the bare figures - they are not equivalent to whatever a Quorn Dog is. But my report is good enough anyway not to fret (that much... and I took a B12 supplement this morning). It was too much food again though. I need to work out a way of getting more nutrition into smaller, more calorie dense meals which will leave me able to move at the end of the day.

STILL not alcohol free however, bringing the day's total cals to approx 1300. Where did my willpower go? I had it earlier this year!

Nutrition Summary for 17 April 2007

General (86%)
Energy | 995.1 kcal 83%
Protein | 82.4 g 92%
Carbs | 119.1 g 99%
Fiber | 33.8 g 113%
Fat | 29.8 g 75%
Water | 1794.7 g 66%

Vitamins (96%)
Vitamin A | 77841.3 IU 3337%
Folate | 1256.8 µg 314%
B1 (Thiamine) | 1.7 mg 159%
B2 (Riboflavin) | 3.9 mg 351%
B3 (Niacin) | 19.7 mg 141%
B5 (Pantothenic Acid)| 5.4 mg 108%
B6 (Pyridoxine) | 3.0 mg 228%
B12 (Cyanocobalamin) | 1.3 µg 54%
Vitamin C | 295.1 mg 393%
Vitamin D | 425.2 IU 213%
Vitamin E | 21.9 mg 146%
Vitamin K | 1959.2 µg 2177%

Minerals (95%)
Calcium | 1354.4 mg 135%
Copper | 2.5 mg 279%
Iron | 19.7 mg 109%
Magnesium | 538.8 mg 168%
Manganese | 5.2 mg 288%
Phosphorus | 1013.2 mg 145%
Potassium | 5131.6 mg 109%
Selenium | 152.3 µg 277%
Sodium | 740.3 mg 49%
Zinc | 8.8 mg 111%

Lipids (58%)
Saturated | 2.9 g 29%
Omega-3 | 4.0 g 359%
Omega-6 | 6.9 g 156%
Cholesterol | 3.0 mg 1%


Jake Silver said...

Your comment is well-received, Sara, no worries! Yes I know. The trouble is my wife is not into CR or ON. She does make a moderate effort, such as at least she does diet soda and non-fat dairy and whole grains and such. But she doesn't really eat any fruits or veggies and she also buys a lot of junk food like crackers and cakes and stuff. We have discussed it and she feels that I am a grown man and should be able to resist foods with willpower. I think she feels a little badly that she eats so much fast food and all, but she can't help it. she does not have a weight problem, she falls right in the middle for healthy BMI. So as long as she does not gain weight, she does not feel it is neccessary to give up junk food. We love each other enough to where we don't make a big deal of it, except when it comes to our son. She knows I really hate it if she feeds him Gak food. And for the most part she doesn't. Anyway, she has told me she is not purposely trying to sabotage me and I do believe her, she is just one of those people that can't quit junk food. So I have to suck it up and find a way to deal with temptation.

Sara said...

Hi Jake... You know, I had a restless night last night worrying if I had over-stepped the mark posting on a blog belonging to someone I don't know at all and making that comment! So I'm glad you didn't take it badly. My partner is the same, neither into CR or ON; if we shared the same house on a more regular basis, I guess I would be into the cheese in the fridge (my chocolate cake equiv!) far more often and I appreciate the luxury of being able to remove (foodie) temptations from my life when I can! I have been junk food free now for many years; once it is out of your system you really do not crave it at all - this you probably also know. Your wife is right to treat you with respect in encouraging you to develop your own willpower and strength. I wish you luck in closing the cupboard doors firmly with empty hands in the early hours! :-)

Illiah said...

Hi Sara

Working at home can either make CRON easier or harder. On the one hand, we "work at home" types don't have to deal with someone bringing donuts, lunches out, bridal showers, retirement teas, etc. On the other, the fridge has a sign on it that says "open 24 hours"! Even too much of a good thing is too much. But you seem to be doing a good job of resisting the call.