Sunday, 1 April 2007

New Day

Yes, well. I was very tired yesterday, and when I am tired, I whine. And yesterday's post was a whiny post again. Today I shall make a concerted effort not to mope.

I do find CRON on the road hard to do, and I take what I perceive as my failure to do so too personally. In retrospect, the weekend's food wasn't bad at all. Yes, on Saturday, I ate toast and cereal to the tune of approximately 300 cals, but at least the cereal had B vitamins. After that, the lunch that was not spinach-and-mushrooms (and I was slightly taking the piss out of myself in yesterday's post when I wrote that that was what I needed) was rather delicious homemade falafel with tiny amount of hummus and tzatziki, and lots of green salad, and all I ate after that was some more rocket and an M&S edamame and green bean combo which I have already estimated in CoM to be less than 100 calories. Sunday may have had toast, but nothing else truly disasterous. I just get too frustrated by my own hunger at times, and more so when P and I get out of eating sync, because then I feel like a pig for feeling hungry when he doesn't, and I end up social-eating trying to forestall hunger but doing exactly the reverse (toast, cereal). It really is a fine line to tread but it wouldn't be so fine if I just cut myself some slack. The hand of the CR Almighty is not going to reach down and slap me silly because I eat some empty carbs, and there's little point in reaching my tenth decade if all I've done with the preceding six is fret and stress and whine and present myself to the world as totally insane.

Anyway, today is a new day and it's already started well with my new favourite breakfast of Total 0%, LLBY (can't get enough of the stuff now, I don't know what's changed!), ground flax, gojis, pumpkin seeds, almonds, a chopped brazil nut - all mixed up together in the pot - with whatever fresh fruit I have available on the side (today it was kiwi) and a glass of my soya milk, and a couple of cups of cocoa and water. Yum. And now I am going to take all that lot to the gym, via the grocery store where I need to shop for stuff to cook a CR meal for Hilary Grace when she visits tomorrow evening.


HkGrace said...

Hooray, I'm so looking forward to meeting you!

Deborah said...

Hi Sara,
I'm so sorry to read about your grandmother. It's just maddening when the elderly are injured while in a "health" setting. The same happened to my mother.

In any sounds as if you are bouncing back from a low and focusing again. I'm doing similarly. I hope you are Hilary have a fabulous time together. it will be so empowering to get together with another CRONie!