Friday, 13 April 2007

Angelic Nights

Last night P and I went to see this production of Venus and Adonis at the Little Angel Puppet Theatre in Angel. It was quite simply one of the most magical hours I have spent in my life, reduced to a state of suspended disbelief and child-like wonder. Just absolutely gorgeous, and I am wondering if I can get to see it again before the run ends at the end of this month.

Before the show we ate at The Duke of Cambridge, a pub which only serves organic food and booze. I had a huge helping of beetroot soup, and failed to finish my smoked mozzarella and rocket salad - because it was too rich, and also because I had succumbed to a slice of fresh, homemade brown bread and was stuffed. When we got home my appetite had come back, so I had some salad leaves with pumpkin seeds and a tiny shaving of parmesan... and then fell into bed and was out like a light. Before dinner I was at 644 calories and 94% vitamins and 87% minerals - which isn't too bad for a London day.

This week has just flown by again. I'm looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend of gardening and CRON alone, and hopefully a chance to calm things down on the wine front. The weather is set to continue wonderfully warm for this time of year, and I really want to enjoy every minute of it. I am definitely going to start off my salad leaves in pots, and get some spinach into the ground, and think about what other veggies I want to put in and where, and what flowers I can persuade to bloom to be ready for mid July.

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Christina said...

Wow! I'd love to find an all-organic restaurant here. Hope you have a nice weekend, Sara! :)