Thursday, 19 April 2007

I cannot believe how fast time is flying this year. I'm back in London again and it hardly seems time at all since I was last here. It's insane.

Last night P and I presented some of the wines we want to serve at the wedding to our wine group. They went down very well, and we've found one for definite - the Viognier I was sipping on during my lazy day in the sun on Saturday. Our hostess had called me in the afternoon and asked if I wanted her to get some food together, and I had said yes - so there was the usual cheese and bread on the table. I admit, I had some. But by the time the tasting was over, and we had chatted to C the hostess who is also my caterer, and trekked all the way across London on the tube to get to P's house, it was too late to eat - let alone think about preparing ON food. So my calories for the day (in food) probably weren't too bad, but the nutrition probably could have been better - I was low in calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron again, and E.

Today I am going to go a little easier on myself and relax about food. I'm not going to start eating anything junky, but I have a lunch date with a friend and then will be eating with P tonight and I want to enjoy it. I want to rethink my daily foods - yesterday's mushroom salad at lunchtime left me feeling quite horrible all afternoon and I am wondering if I have reached mushroom-saturation! :-) The goal is still to get more nutrition into smaller, more calorie dense portions, especially with the summer coming on. I don't want to spend summer afternoons whaled out on mammoth platefuls of spinach.

So today so far... approx 200g strawberries, Total 0% with the Brewer's Yeast, flaxmeal, Gojis, pumpkin seeds and almonds, almonds and gojis (yummiest ON trailmix!), er... hummus and sauteed (I suspect) peppers on a flatbread wrap (I didn't eat the wrap), sauvignon blanc in the pub at lunch. Can I blame the sun? Unfortunately, not. I am just not a good CRON example! BUT I am still and will probably remain CR'd today. There are so many ways to do this and I wish April's detractors would realise this and stop fixating on the particulars.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara -
I'm routinely low in the same minerals.
and I can relate on the mamoth bowls of spinach. It's exhausting to eat that much roughage :)

Sara said...

I guess it's just going to have to be those megamuffins! :-)

Deborah said...

Hi Sara,
You do a great job I think... sounds like a wonderful day, lots of variety which is probably the key to feeling really good and not limited by choice. I didn't realize you were eating all that spinach raw..oh my!! I'm just going for organic frozen right now at night and just squeaking by on the E. Those Goji's rock! My market of course has been out of them for a while (Just when I find all the things I want, the grocery store stops stocking 'em Arghhhhhhh).

Relaxing is key, particularly with what you've got ahead of you this summer.

I'll tell you what though..when I put my wine into COM I really see the effect. Do you do that once in a while? also, I def. relate my insomnia to wine at night..such a shame, cause I love it so.
Cheers! hope dinner was nice.

Sara said...

Hi Deborah

Yes, I do enter the wine into CoM occassionally and then delete it out in horror! :-) But I guess if I have already made my 99% of RDA's, and don't miss out on nutritional calories to make up for the booze calories, I am doing well. I'm not kidding myself, I know it's not great for me.

I stocked up on Gojis and continue to stock up; we've got a possible ban to contend with!

Tonight's dinner has not yet happened but I am picking P up from work in an hour and we are going to walk by the Thames in the evening sun and maybe find something delicious to nibble on. The Great London SouthBank Nutrient Hunt... :-)