Friday, 20 April 2007

Aw, dammit

Well, I was on track... Left work high on 925 cals but figured I'd eaten so much during the day, I could last until I got home and then would have steamed spinach and stir-fried-esque mushrooms and I'd be 100% and about 1020. Then... had arranged to meet a friend for coffee in the Hilton at Paddington and they were charging a minimum spend of £10 per person just to sit in their lounge! So I decamped to their bar and waited for her there. With a glass of sauvignon blanc. And then another when she and P arrived. Ate my mushrooms on the train with salsa for dipping because I had the munchies. Got home and a friend just up the road called and asked me over for a late night night-cap. So, another glass of chardonnay, 4 strawberries and a piece of goat's cheese later...

Honestly, I am such a Bridget Jones cliche, I despair.

Hello, Hilary! Welcome back. :-) I hope you are going to post all about your trip.

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