Saturday, 7 April 2007

Off Piste

I have company so much this weekend that my CRON practice has become, by necessity, a bit ad hoc. Breakfast is the only meal that I get to eat alone, and I should be loading up on the vitamins and minerals far more than I am, but somehow cold spinach does not appeal at barely eight in the morning.

I no longer take supplements except for my D, but at times like this I really do wish there was a magic pill to pop to make sure I get all my RDAs that is CRON-peer approved. Or rather, since I know what I end the typical ad hoc eating day low on - iron, zinc, B5, B12 - that I knew which individual supplements came from reputable sources. How do others know and manage? Or is this yet another thing I am putting too much unnecessary thought into?

Speaking of unnecessary thoughts, mine have been tending towards the morbid recently - because of Tigsy, because of the situation with my grandmother, which is not good, and yet more family members are facing health difficulties. My mother keeps saying, what if something happens to you, what would I do?, and I just don't know what to say. Obviously I am doing my best to stop anything happening to me yet by practicing CRON and taking exercise (not as much as I should!), but still I drink, and drink too much (this weekend has already been heavy on the intake and it's only Sunday) - so my best is not yet good enough. How on earth would I face her if something happened to me because I had one glass of wine too many over the years? Or if anything happened at all?

But today of all days, Easter Sunday, I need to banish these morbid thoughts and focus on new starts - new starts for me (every day is a new start, right?), and new starts for those around me whom I love. And new lives - another dear friend of mine has just had her first baby, and that is very exciting. I can't wait to play Bad Auntie Sara.

Looks like it is going to be another stunning day for weather as well. I am loving this sun, just loving it. P, my neighbours and I are off to visit my mother for the day, which I am looking forward to. She lives in a very picturesque town on a river estuary, and there will be some lovely walking to be done, lots of sea air, and a pub lunch (at which I shall not be drinking because I am driving, yay!).

Oh, yes. In a moment of madness in the farm shop yesterday I purchased Hot Cross Buns to share with P and said neighbours on the trip. (If this is just a UK thing, I can imagine hoards of US readers sniggering at the back...) Why I thought this was a good idea, I don't know, because now I need to avoid eating one myself. But they did look very, very good indeed. Oh, the slippery slope!


Deborah said...

Hi Sara,
I'm responding to one your comments to me.....

Don't ever give up!!! It's not crazy it's just a little hard once in a while LOL

A few days on the lam will not hurt..never going back to your routine will.

I'm with you! Well keep this going I promise :)


Sara said...

Thanks Deborah. Yeah, I am in a blah mood today. But the routine will start tomorrow in earnest again. And I was very glad to eat my 200g of steamed greens this evening, without any judgement from anyone else. I just wish it wasn't quite so tricky to be ON and ad hoc veggie. The carb consumption was all my own fault.

skinnybitch said...

Don't be discouraged, Sara. Just keep at it. That's what I keep telling myself. I've fallen completely off the exercise wagon since I went to CA last week but my plan is to just get right back on and go back to my usual routine tomorrow morning. I have faith that eventually, it'll stick as long as I keep trying.

Arturo said...

Hi Sara
I love how you write. But then I have a thing for all things British (it may be in my blood- some of my ancestors where from Manchester.)