Friday, 6 April 2007

Gardening and Easter in Summer

Wow. It is such gorgeous weather for England at this time of year. I just got sunburnt sitting with friends in their garden... and then with my neighbours in my garden. wine might have been involved.

It's been great today to be off work and get some planting done and some tidying up in my courtyard. I just love bedding plants; it is so satisfying to make a small area look one thousand plus one times better in just one hour, just by filling some pots up with compost and annuals.

After all that, a girl needs a CR snack.

This evening will involve more wine and less CR friendly food, unfortunately. But it will involve more friends and good company and I can live with that.

Hope everyone has a happy long weekend.


Deborah said...

Oh very nice..
I'm such a black thumb but I always try..poor plants of mine

Anyway, enjoy your beautiful weather..we're getting slammed with a cold spell all up and down the East fun tonight. It will look pretty, but it will be chilly!!

Take care,

Illiah said...

What a beautiful garden.

I'm so afraid that I wouldn't be allowed to even visit the UK, because I am officially toxic to things that are green. I could probably wipe out all the gardens in London with on glance. Thanks for sharing the photos!