Wednesday, 25 April 2007

A Rose By Any Other Name

I came across this range of ready meals in Waitrose this lunchtime, and was actually really tempted by them! I did resist the marketing lure and just picked up the low-fat cottage cheese I'd gone in for, and ate that with steamed (ok, microwaved-in-the-bag) spinach and pumpkin seeds for my meal instead, but they did look quite amazingly yummy and not really too high calorie considering the genre.

But, still a ready meal, right?! That is not somewhere I want to go! Though, maybe one day, for a bit of variety... and at least they would ensure I get my omega balance right, which is still woeful on London days without access to my flax oil and when I forget my brewer's yeast/flaxmeal breakfast mix - which I did this morning!

There were also some other little pots of quinoa salad, and brown rice salad, and chickpeas with spices and butternut squash. I must say it's the idea of butternut squash that I was finding really tempting. Mmm, butternut squash...


Christina said...

It's amazing what you can find at the grocery, isn't it? Those look really good! Even if they are pre-made. I have a weakness for deli sushi - those dinners look far healthier!

miss m said...

I know it sounds mildly dorky, but could you make your own, freeze them, and take them down? Then you'd be able to source and use ingredients you're comfortable with, as well as have reuseable microwave containers.

Sara said...

It's not dorky at all; it's a great suggestion, and something I should make a real effort to do. It's certainly no more dorky than microwaving a package of spinach every time I'm in the office - the looks I am getting! :-) I'm also going to stock P's house up with some of my essentials and he'll just have to deal with thinking it's weird; after 8 years it shouldn't be such a shock!

Deborah said...

No it shouldn't be a shock to P...He's going to have to get used to your side of the pantry wont he?!?

I love finding nice quick foods like those..but usually if I find them, I'm totally depressed with the sodium figure. How are these? Their website didn't list it.


are you still having good weather? My co-worker just flew over yesterday and I'm so hoping he has the nice weather you all have been enjoying

skinnybitch said...

Those look pretty yummy to me!

Freezing stuff ahead always seems like a great idea to me in principle. However, in practice, I often worry about how fish or shrimp would survive the freezing/defrosting process.

I've bought books on freezing meals in advance but all the recipes are always atrocious nutrition-wise. And I have no idea which foods freeze well so I never feel confident making something up on my own.

miss m said...

I had a housemate as a student who did all his meals in batches, defrosting as needed. It was cool to see him at work making his food for an entire month! From what I saw, chicken and other fowl freezes well, shrimp freeze well, and fish needs to be VERY clean and frozen VERY quickly to be at its best... tofu not only freezes well, but takes on a new, more pleasantly meaty texture when defrosted. Quorn should be added uncooked because cooking it twice tends to make it disintegrate. The Ball Blue Book has tips on how to freeze and store just about anything and how long they'll be good for.

skinnybitch said...

I always wondered whether it's ok to freeze tofu. Thanks, Miss M! I'll also check out this book you mention. I really need to get back into freezer cooking. It makes even more sense when you have a large family and an auxiliary stand-alone freezer in your basement (I bought it to store breast milk when I was breast feeding my girls).

Arturo said...

Hi Sara
Reading your posts on what you eat is the equivalent of going through Erin's vegan blog - a pleasant distraction. Somehow for CRON to work for me, I need to stick to a routine, although it may be boring. This weekend I was CR adlib, if one can call that something, and frankly, I don't feel too healthy about it afterwards, so the simplicity of repetition calms my senses. But please, do continue living/writing as you do, it's like reading CR Gourmet magazine.