Saturday, 14 April 2007

Summer Days, Drifting Away

I achieved nothing I had planned to achieve today but that's fine. I had the most wonderful day lazing in the garden with a book and chilled Viognier (er, yes) in the fabulous sunshine. This is so much not typical weather for April in England and I am sure I should be fretting and wailing about global warming etc but... oh. It was so great to stretch out and relax and just be. I swear I could see leaves and petals unfurling infront of me. I watched juvenile delinquent bees dipping in and out of petals, drunkenly weaving from too early flower to too early flower; I watched crows flying from trees to church tower, building their nests in the turret; I watched aeroplanes traces cloudy arcs in the otherwise cloudless sky. I dozed in the sun and I got my vitamin D from the best possible source.... and now I have purple sprouting broccoli for dinner. Still far, far too much wine, but a lovely and much needed relaxing day.


Arturo said...

Wow, Sara, you are truly blessed to have enjoyed such a fine day, and that you took the time to observe it. A monk who lives 30 miles northeast of London visited us today in San Francisco and spoke of sitting under an oak tree recently and watching the sun's rays through the budding leaves illuminating the carpet of flowers on the ground. He felt grateful to be able to be enjoying this, as you must have too.

Deborah said...

Sara, These days are gifts to you!! We're having the worst spring...and I'm sure summer sill slam into us full bore quite soon. (hot and humid). Enjoy your beautiful days.


April said...

It's snowing here.