Thursday, 31 May 2007

One of those days

I'm having one of those nibbly, unsatisfied by food days. :-(

It's not being helped by the office being freezing cold and for once the cookies being passed around with cups of hot tea are almost appealing. My body seems to want sweet and warm and comfort. It really didn't want the bitter lettuce and chicory salad I fed it at lunchtime and would have been happier with some steamed spinach, but it was lettuce that was in P's veggie box and lettuce the veggie must eat.

I've tried appeasing it with miso soup in anticipation of tonight's dinner which should consist of the first three dishes from these recipes from one of the Sunday papers. It's not working!

Oh well. I keep saying I must up my calories. I guess today is going to be a day when I do just that.

But not with cookies!


HkGrace said...

It is *so hard* to up calories without gak, I find. I know exactly what you mean.

Sara said...

I'm determined NOT to eat gak. But I don't even trust myself with a packet of almonds at the moment! :-)

Illiah said...

I hate those days, when the mind wants food for emotional, weather, or hormonal reasons, and are they ever good for the body? Can our little selves ever get together and agrees? Mine can't! The kiddos are home for the summer, and I swear, I cannot stop with the grapes and the pretzels. Grapes, not so bad, but is there any food more useless than the highglycemic, non-nutritional pretzel????

Maybe if someone would make potassium salted ones....

Here's the mathematical equation I use for non-homemade cookies.

Cookies = bleached flour + high fructose corn syrup

High fructose corn syrup = evil (diabetes)

My mother died of complications of diabetes, so that's usually enough math for me.

April said...

Sara, I saw someone who looked like you in New York on my way to meet Allswell. It was so funny! She was wearing a great black and white sundress.


Sara said...

April - that will be a first! I've never seen my "type". I'm fascinated by types of people; I would like to do some kind of photo-art project at some point and group them all together and see if the people I think look alike, the generic types of this world, really do!

Mizzi said...

I don't envy you with the weather you have there. CR is so much easier when it is warm and sunny.

Hopefully you can find something warm, comforting and CR friendly and pray for some sunshine soon!

Sara said...

Mizzi - in typical British summertime mode, today is hot and sunny with bright blue skies, gentle breezes, and lots of bird song. We are planning dinner al fresco on the lawn. Complete contrast from the other day in London. I love my separate lives!