Thursday, 3 May 2007

BBC CRON Article And Lunchtime Ramblings

Our CR Life!

I do wish they'd drop the "Eat Less" angle though. I couldn't eat much more if I were a foie gras goose.

So, I am in London for a whole week. More accurately, London-Leeds-London but it still means a week of more ad-lib eating than usual. So this time... I brought my little red food scale with me. I give up; I don't care if P thinks it's weird. :-) Breakfast was a variation on the usual - non-fat Greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds, almonds, gojis, with flaxseeds - and a weighed bowl of melon and raspberries. For lunch I ate a perfectly weighed and measured salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, cannellini beans (I realised I hadn't eaten any legumes for ages when someone posted about the connection between legumes and longevity!), cucumber, spring onion, pumpkin seeds, LLBY and a mix of salad leaves from the local farmshop that seemed to include arugula, baby chard, dandelion, mustard greens. Yum. More yoghurt and wheatgerm and a tiny amount of dried cranberries and raisins for dessert - I will need to lock the pack away somewhere, too easy to munch on those in the afternoon hours. And before wine tasting tonight I am planning to eat 235g steamed spinach with flax oil. I think that gets me to pretty much complete nutrition on around 800-850 calories, so I can more or less relax and enjoy my evening. And try to remember to measure my wine intake equally carefully!

P has gone on a bit of a health-kick himself, purchasing a smoothie maker and coming over all enthusiastic about blended fruit concoctions. We shared a melon, strawberry and peach smoothie last night (not weighed!) - I ate mine out of a bowl with a spoon, like a chilled soup. Smoothies are, I know, fairly high calorie so it won't be something I indulge in very often (and I prefer my fruit whole) but it will be interesting to see if the same machine will cope with veggies like carrots and beetroot. The really good part of this is that there is more Sara friendly food in the house, and he has also ordered an organic vegetable delivery from Abel and Cole, to arrive weekly so that I won't be scrabbling around grumpily trying to feed myself from his usual meagre stores. We don't share tastes in food at all at the best of times, but it's always great when he starts paying more attention to his diet; after all, I don't want to see him (or me!) suffer for poor nutritional choices in the future.


Deborah said...

Isn't that article great and doesn't he look good?!?!? I think so!

I love your discussion about the changes P is making!! Yeah Sara. Yeah P! Sounds like he is very much on board and into the healthy side of things and that just bodes so well for your marriage and life together.

How did you do on your no-wine-before-it's-time routine? I did not do well myself..I can really feel the stress setting in though, so I guess this is how I deal these days.

Nice post!


Sara said...

I'm ashamed to admit that no wine before or after it's time or any time at all STILL hasn't happened. There is something about sunny evenings and a glass (ahem) of chilled white...

Illiah said...

Well, yanno what Jimmy Buffet says, he only drinks after 5. Well, it's 5:OO somewhere!!