Tuesday, 1 May 2007

A Correction

In a moment of blog-immersed enthusiasm, I posted on April's CR diary to the effect that I rarely feel hunger on CRON if I have done the ON right - and that is indeed true. What I neglected to say, and what I am saying here in case people follow the link and then see me saying over and over in this very blog "I was hungry", "I was bad-tempered with hunger", "my food came too late", "argh where is the decent food??!!!!???", is that getting ON right 100% of the time is sooo tricky and takes so much concentration and effort that... well, sometimes it doesn't happen and sometimes you get hungry... at inconvenient moments.

Like late this afternoon, right after posting that comment, I went to visit one of my wedding suppliers to talk about catering equipment. I was fine; I'd eaten lunch and an afternoon snack... He and I were having one conversation. And then my stomach suddenly decided to make its best growling efforts to generally distract and interrupt us with another. Grrrr.

And what had I done? I think I'd missed all the fat out of my lunch. 300g romaine, spinach and rocket with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and cucumber topped with fat-free cottage cheese and LLBY, and blueberries, Grapenuts and goji berries for dessert. No nuts, no flax... and it really does seem to matter. Tiny details that I really must pay attention to.

So dinner tonight had a double helping of flax oil on. It's officially asparagus season now - for 14 days!!! - and I am taking full advantage. The farm shop had gorgeously fat, locally grown spears for sale at not too horrific a price, and my treat to myself this evening was a whole bunch, steamed alongside other veggies and drizzled with the flax. Yum. I shall spare you pictures this time though.

Hmm, this is a bit low in calories. Maybe I need some tofu chocolate mousse...

Nutrition Summary for 01 May 2007

General (84%)
Energy | 997.9 kcal 83%
Protein | 84.1 g 93%
Carbs | 130.1 g 108%
Fiber | 39.7 g 132%
Fat | 25.5 g 64%
Water | 1760.5 g 65%

Vitamins (100%)
Vitamin A | 29917.5 IU 1282%
Folate | 1573.8 µg 393%
B1 (Thiamine) | 2.1 mg 190%
B2 (Riboflavin) | 3.9 mg 357%
B3 (Niacin) | 20.8 mg 149%
B5 (Pantothenic Acid)| 5.9 mg 118%
B6 (Pyridoxine) | 3.0 mg 232%
B12 (Cyanocobalamin) | 2.3 µg 96%
Vitamin C | 375.6 mg 501%
Vitamin D | 424.9 IU 212%
Vitamin E | 23.0 mg 153%
Vitamin K | 1214.6 µg 1350%

Minerals (98%)
Calcium | 1144.0 mg 114%
Copper | 2.8 mg 313%
Iron | 20.2 mg 112%
Magnesium | 509.4 mg 159%
Manganese | 4.5 mg 249%
Phosphorus | 1378.0 mg 197%
Potassium | 5349.3 mg 114%
Selenium | 161.0 µg 293%
Sodium | 1134.4 mg 76%
Zinc | 10.7 mg 133%

Lipids (60%)
Saturated | 3.7 g 37%
Omega-3 | 3.7 g 339%
Omega-6 | 5.3 g 120%
Cholesterol | 8.1 mg 3%


Illiah said...

So see? you proved your point. When you eat well, you feel great, when you don't, (ie, leave out a major macronutrient)you uh, well my family issues warnings and watches, like the national weather service. (Sound effect here, loud air horn: Attention all inhabitants, Mom is out of bok choi, stay out of her way.)

Yeah, life with teenage boys does that to you.

Deborah said...

Too funny.. I was in the same spot yesterday...I'd run out of Almonds was going nuts (er..pun intended) with hunger not an hour after my breakfast!! Thankfully my co-worker, the one with the lovely candy bowl (who also actually eats quite well, just lets other eat poorly out of her candy bowl) had raw almonds in her drawer. I wanted to take the whole bag but that's not very mannerly. I grabbed 6! The damage was done though, I still felt this gnawing and I don't usually feel that way either. I guess we occasionally feel it and appreciate it and then it will pass.. My brain doesn't always think so though. I appreciated your comment..it was well intentioned :)