Tuesday, 8 May 2007

One Inch Off A Vanity Size

This weekend I ended up being measured for Another Dress and found that I am 1 inch on my waist away from being a size 0. Not that this means anything whatsoever, of course, but it gave me a chance for a good giggle and a vague wonder if I can knock off that inch by July!

However, those measurements were taken on Saturday afternoon. After the rest of the weekend they may no longer be valid! P and I spent the long weekend with my good friend E in Leeds and the surrounding countryside; we ate and drank A LOT, shopped, walked (though not as much as we should have done because it has got COLD here), gossiped, lounged and slept. Last night when P and I arrived back in London I was hoping for an evening of broccoli and LLBY, but P decided he wanted to eat out so... we did. My weekend of gluttony culminated in the sharing of a cheese plate, but it's over now... and from reading everyone else's blogs, I don't sound as though I was alone in clinging to the CRON wagon by my fingertips. :-)

I'm looking forward to getting back on track again now though. I didn't actually eat anything bad (well, apart from two polenta fries yesterday, oh dear), and I did have some LLBY everyday, and nuts and seeds and gojis and lots of fruit and vegetables, but as usual with eating out there were loads of hidden calories and I know the nutrition couldn't have been as ON as it should have been.

So with July heading towards me at a rate of knots I am starting to think about a serious 2 month plan - drink lots of water, cut the caffeine, cut down on the booze, body-brushing, that sort of thing... I don't feel as polished as I should be. My body feels like a perfectly solid family car, and I want it to be as revved as a lamborghini. :-)

So, give me your best tips for feeling and looking fabulous... food, supplements, tips, tricks?

Yes, well. I just caught up on all the blogs, inc April's post about the definition of being truly CRON. So perhaps the label is not one I should lay claim to any more. Not that I want to be labelled at all. I do love the feeling of community that exists around these various CRON blogs, but until I can really walk the walk perhaps this isn't the place for me any more... if I am somehow letting the side down with my less than perfect behaviour! I don't know; I don't know, I really don't! :-)


Mizzi said...

I just had a look at April's blog and was wondering what you mean. Your nutrition is excellent from what I've seen. Is it not counting the wine calories ;)

My tip for looking wonderful - find that perfect pair of jeans. Not an easy task I know.

Sara said...

It's definitely the not counting the wine calories and continuing to drink past moderation! My wrist is still stinging from the slap (although I doubt it was personally directed!). :-)

Oh jeans... the holy grail!

Jennifer said...

My tip for looking/feeling wonderful: spend lots of time outdoors. Nature helps relieve stress and a bit of sunshine is good for your mood...not to mention the nice glow it gives you (don't get burnt, though.)

Deborah said...

Zero waist?? Wow! Nice job.

Don't stress losing it any more...you've arrived!

Okay tips ahh Yes! Body brushing is awesome for that very soft skin and so invigorating first thing in the a.m. (almost like a jolt of coffee) Flax Oil will help your skin feel so soft. Loads of water and low on the wine are good ideas..Keep them in the forefront. I think you've got it covered.
Sun-kissed..but not too tan, especially with your coloring.
Sleep and lots of it.

What is the date??


I felt it like a slap on my wrist too.

skinnybitch said...


I don't think April meant for anyone to feel bad. Note that *she* doesn't always stick to CRON as she should (2 slices of pizza are definitely not CRON).

With CRON, there's the ideal and then there's real life. The important thing is that we are clear about the difference. With so many detractors of CRON out there, we always want to point out when we're doing something that isn't really CRON - like my gigantic French feast on my anniversary - and CRON as an ideal.
In general, I think CRON bloggers do a pretty good job of saying, "I know this isn't CRON but here's what I did..."

Illiah said...

One inch from 0? We all know you are eating well most of the time, this is a time of your life when you should be enjoying yourself. Long walks, swims, maybe Pilates or Yoga could help you feel more toned, if that's you're after. But gee, hopefully you only get married once, there are parties, showers, and all that excitement! Maybe only count the wine calories on weekdays! Logging it ususally helps cut down, without much effort, right?

April said...

You guys all need to chill.

Here is what I meant: there are quite a few people in the community who have talked about binging, then fasting to "make up for it." I don't think that's healthy, and it concerns me because it sets up a cycle that is hard to break out of. It sounds like guilt around food, and I don't think that any food behavior that involves punishing yourself is going to serve you well in the end.

When I said eating small amounts of junk food and calling it CRON, which I pointed out in the next line AND in the comments, I meant eating nothing but junk food and calling it CRON! Of course we all eat junk from time to time and it's no big deal! It would be a problem if you were to eat low calories but also low nutrition.

And the wine issue I struggle with myself, as I have said a million gazillion times.

So chill out all of you!

And Sara, you know I love you. Of all the CR bloggers, you're the one I identify with the most because my first year of CR was soooo much like yours! The wine, the social eating, the trying to find a balance... it's so familiar. But you're much prettier than I ever was!

So enjoy your wedding prep and don't worry about labels. Just don't spill any red wine on a white dress. I used to say that I could never get married cause I'd spill either coffee or red wine on a white dress.