Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Cold and Wet and Out of Sorts

Stop raining already, 'kay?!

Urgh, it's horrible here. So cold, even for May in England... and grey, and windy, and wet. This sort of weather makes me unable to settle, and feel scratchy in my skin, and just blah.

Tomorrow evening I'm heading off again for the funeral, which looks likely to be held on as bleak a day as the occassion. I've been breaking in new shoes around the house, which might contribute to today's grumpiness, and I have a new black dress and leggings which I am determined to team with my new yellow summer jacket, because I am pretty sure that Doris would not like to be seen off by a group of mournful crows. She already vetoed the lilies. It's not going to be an easy day. Since Dad went, my mother, brother and myself have been rather estranged from that side of the family (after the initial bonding in grief); finding words on these occassions is hard enough, but especially when it looks as though one's behaviour demonstrated apathy towards the deceased. Obviously apathy was the last thing I felt towards my grandmother... but my paternal family are very detached and stiff upper lip and I - am not. For all that, I never knew Doris as well as I would have liked to in an ideal world, but then the world often isn't ideal, is it?

So... well. Anyway.

I've had a couple of good CRON days with slightly higher calories than usual (ie, breaking the 1100 mark!) with accompanying higher protein and carbs: lots of butternut squash, and my new favourite addition to salads - peas - to blame for that. I am also trying to eat my way through a vat of cottage cheese, because I foolishly bought the larger version and of course, it goes off faster than I can eat it. I've pretty much cleaned out the fridge of the groceries I bought on Monday - just enough left to make lunch tomorrow.

I have still failed to knock the wine on the head.

A very dull post, I'm afraid. I seem to have all manner of rubbish to ramble on about, which is why I keep posting while others, probably more sensibly, are keeping their thoughts to themselves until they are worth sharing. :-)

I can get duller! Ta-da! Today's crunch. Sans vino. It was just not a day for iron no matter how hard I tried.

Nutrition Summary for 16 May 2007

General (85%)
Energy | 1069.4 kcal 89%
Protein | 83.8 g 93%
Carbs | 148.3 g 124%
Fiber | 35.0 g 117%
Fat | 24.5 g 61%
Water | 1846.4 g 68%

Vitamins (98%)
Vitamin A | 73626.4 IU 3156%
Folate | 1267.2 µg 317%
B1 (Thiamine) | 2.1 mg 194%
B2 (Riboflavin) | 4.1 mg 376%
B3 (Niacin) | 23.2 mg 165%
B5 (Pantothenic Acid)| 7.0 mg 140%
B6 (Pyridoxine) | 3.9 mg 301%
B12 (Cyanocobalamin) | 1.9 µg 79%
Vitamin C | 369.0 mg 492%
Vitamin D | 423.4 IU 212%
Vitamin E | 24.0 mg 160%
Vitamin K | 982.5 µg 1092%

Minerals (97%)
Calcium | 1337.6 mg 134%
Copper | 2.8 mg 315%
Iron | 17.6 mg 98%
Magnesium | 600.4 mg 188%
Manganese | 4.5 mg 251%
Phosphorus | 1344.3 mg 192%
Potassium | 6029.7 mg 128%
Selenium | 98.8 µg 180%
Sodium | 1150.9 mg 77%
Zinc | 10.0 mg 125%

Lipids (58%)
Saturated | 3.1 g 31%
Omega-3 | 2.1 g 189%
Omega-6 | 6.0 g 135%
Cholesterol | 5.1 mg 2%


Illiah said...

You have a lot going on, don't worry about dull posts! I mean, I'm posting about floors, can you really get duller than that?

Sorry about your weather. I'd send you some of our Texas sunshine, but it comes with 95 degrees and 90 percent humidity. Running is very much like swimming.

HkGrace said...

I adore how I can count on you and a few others to post while the rest of us get lazy... Best of luck tomorrow, Sara. I'll be thinking of you.

Deborah said...

Now I remember when you were having that glorious spring and we were all under a blanket of snow...and I guess it's come your way now... Sorry it's so is England after-all right?!

Take care for tomorrow.. just get it through and be as you need to NOT worry about the others.


April said...

big hugs!