Monday, 28 May 2007

Meme - eight random things about me me me

It's a bank holiday in the UK, but after driving back early this morning from a visit to my mother yesterday, I have done nothing with the day apart from wash the kitchen floor, nap, put the rubbish out, and watch Spiderman III which has to be The Worst Movie I have seen for long time and I would like my brain back NOW please.

It has been really terrible weather up until the last hour though; freezing cold, torrential rain and northerly winds. The broad beans in the allotment patch are flattened, and the rocket, carrot and beetroot seedlings are looking none too happy either.

Still, I am incredibly tired and achy for some reason so doing nothing probably hasn't been a bad thing. I'd like a few more days of the same. With sun. My sleep is still appalling, and the shadows under my eyes are defeating industrial strength concealer. Not pretty. *sigh*

So - eight random things, tagged by Nenette. Well, what haven't I already randomly babbled on about myself in this blog?

1)I have a tattoo of blue lilies on my right ankle, vertically along the bone. It hurt.
2)I love snow, and mountains, and that deafening silence when the flakes are falling.
3)I never liked cats until my Tigsy decided to adopt me.
4)I adore hot-tubs, preferably on high buildings at midnight in the snow.
5)I am innumerate.
6)I was going to write I didn't know what my natural hair colour was anymore, but April already did that one. Oh God, and the shoes - you too, April??! Okay, um... oh yes, I don't have a TV and haven't watched TV on a regular basis for ten years.
7)I have never tasted fish (except in batter, with chips, out of newspaper by the sea) or shellfish of any kind.
8)I also love the sun, to the point of giving myself sunstroke every time P and I go somewhere hot - I throw myself into sunbathing with abandon, and poor P spends the next three days mopping my fevered brow and feeding me watermelon.

There. :-)

(I've deleted my links to some recently deleted blogs. If you come back, let me know!)


April said...


Do you also find it a little creepy that we are obviously twins separated at birth????

My question is:how do you pass yourself off as thirty four, when I am thirty two? Cause if we are twins, then certainly we were born at the same time.


Sara said...

Unfortunately April, I can't pass myself off as a petite red-head either! It's funny though, isn't it? :-)