Monday, 14 May 2007

No Place Like Home

Finally I get three whole days (more or less) in my own house, and three straight nights in my own bed, and (counts them) eleven completely CRON meals made by my own fair hands in my less than fair kitchen. Bliss. It's a shame I can't completely relax and chill out as well, but... work.

The weekend was pretty manic and, as usual, too much wine was consumed. Another good thing about being at home for three straight nights - little or no social temptation, and right now I have no desire to continue the indulgences.

I had my lovely visit on Friday as planned with N and C, who slept in my arms for most of the time I was there, stunning me as usual with the incredible weight of a child. N assured me that I couldn't break him, but there is something about the fontanelle of a five week old baby that is very disconcerting! But I didn't drop him, and he is a little angel.

On Saturday, since I had the car in London, P and I did a supermarket shop and when we got back to his place, we cleared out all his cupboards of all the old, dusty, half-opened packages of dried goods (pastas, rice, dessicated herbs!), and replaced them with my CRON staples of nuts and seeds. 0% Greek Yogurt and eggs in the fridge (since when did you eat eggs, bird?), and lots of veggies that hopefully will get eaten this week by P because I barely made a dent in them. We ate with neighbours on Saturday night (asparagus with foaming hollandaise (a tsp for me) and risotto (couple of spoons for me and a truckload of salad), and drank champagne and elderly burgundy.

Sunday we met an ex of mine and his new partner for lunch. I ate a fabulous spring minestrone - a shallow bowl full of tiny broad beans, asparagus, snap beans, peas, zucchini and artichokes in a light broth which I suspect was loaded with butter but was totally delicious and I'm going to recreate it asap sans fat - and the freshest buffalo mozzarella with arugala salad and yet more asparagus, grilled and served with shaved parmesan. White burgundy, followed by a Brouilly.

After all that, all I wanted to eat last night was watermelon and a tiny bit of feta cheese. In fact, I was craving watermelon and I'm glad that the little Turkish-Cypriot shops on P's street always sell it. I ate half!

So yes. This weekend I ate and drank (oh those "toxic calories"(?!)) and didn't measure because I'd forgotten my scale. But for all that, I still weighed in at precisely 112lbs this morning when I got home - and that was after breakfast #1 at 4am and breakfast #2 at 9am. So the extra eating is probably a good thing; I know I need to be careful right now. Actually I'm really looking forward to being careful; I have had such a sense of being on an out-of-control roller-coaster lately and I'd liek some control back please, thank you very much.

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