Friday, 2 February 2007

Shrink To Fit

Just a quick post in response to yesterday's comments - thank you for those, by the way. It's almost like a mini-Christmas, finding comments on my blog in the morning. I am easily pleased. :-)

Anyway, Emily - don't worry, I won't be using your spinach-and-mushroom-and-seeds nutritional tip to cut my calories as far as I can! I was just so amazed that it was so easy, after a couple of weeks of entering various tiny quantities of foods into CoM to get me where I needed to be. It's a real relief to know those quantities don't have to be so tiny or diverse at all! And I love nuts and seeds; it's good for me to work out how those can fit into my day and not be afraid of the fat-and-calories that I have mostly avoided them for. I'm up to 25g of almonds a day, and I would NEVER have even thought of doing that in December, because almonds were of The Forbidden Food. Yay for breaking down the barriers. :-) Also, I'm not entering my glass of wine in CoM, so I am probably hitting 1200 cals a day on the days that I eat by myself, and more than that when I am with friends or with Phil. I think it averages out to a lot more than it looks.

Hazel - I checked back to see if I was losing weight fast, and I'm not really - 4lbs in a month, 1lb a week - and I may have been having a "light day" yesterday. I had just been to the gym. :-)

And the mushroom thing - you're right, Hilary, in that generic mushrooms DO seem to have D according to CoM. I've just been entering mine as "brown, crimini, Italian, raw" - because mine are, er, brown and I usually eat them raw - and those don't have any D associated in CoM at all. But I am still confused because my little leaflet about Vits that I picked up from Boots here doesn't mention them as a source of D in any respect...

And finally, Robin - would it make you even more jealous to say I've also seen Patrick Stewart (as Antony in Antony and Cleo and Prospero in The Tempest), and will be seeing Ian McKellan doing Lear at the end of March? :-) There have been other famous names as well; it's been such a marvellous and theatrically diverse experience!

Not so quick after all! I also have today's report to post when I can get to it. I'm quite pleased that I've managed to hit almost all the bases with lovely food (albeit a lot of leftovers) AND will have some spare calories to have a light supper with P after the theatre tonight.


Emily said...

I love nuts and seeds! I used to limit them so strictly, and now I get to eat almost 100g a day! (Yes, that's a lot - about 650 calories - but I get virtually all my fat from nuts&seeds, and I aim for 45%ish fat).

and I'm glad to hear you're averaging a bit higher than it looks - and if you're losing 1 lb/week, it shows that it's a safe level of restriction for you.

And regarding mushrooms and vitamin D, my understanding is that shiitake mushrooms are the ONLY vegan source of D, and thus other mushrooms don't have it. the generic "mushrooms" entry may be an average of different types, or it may be an error. This is why I don't even track D. Are you supplementing? England in winter definitely calls for supplementation (or shiitake mushrooms every day, I guess).

skinnybitch said...

I am positively green with envy! Clearly, I'm going to have to move to England, land of bountiful Quorn and amazing actors.
-Robin, whose date night activity will be candlepin bowling and/or billiards