Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Apres Midi

Several people have posted about the settings in CoM recently, and the tweaking thereof. Is there an online user guide about anywhere? I haven't tweaked it at all from when I first set it up, apart from lowering the calories to 1200 and upping the protein to 70g. I'd like to know I was actually getting the right reporting out of it so I knew my nutrition was fine even if my calories are lower than they might be.

Miss M has a point in that I've probably been more hungry than usual over the last 2 days because it's been COLD. And suddenly cold as well; proper February weather. No snow where I am yet, but lots of thick frost to scrape off the car in the mornings, and frozen fingers in the gym.

I will try to find a way to add an extra 100 nutritious cals to my daily food where I can and get nearer to 1200 than 1100 on a more regular daily basis, and then work up (or not) from there. I still think my days in London bump my average though. And I really am not dropping weight fast, not like any kind of potato at any kind of temperature. :-)

I'm heading off to London this afternoon with almost 700 calories of breakfast, eggwhites and the most enormous mixed vegetable salad in the world inside me. Another wine tasting this evening - and this time I will post what we taste! And severe snow forecast for late tonight and tomorrow... For severe, read possibly an inch in Central London. I've lived in Colorado; I find it difficult to share in the hysteria generated annually in this country by a few meagre flakes of the white stuff.


Nutrition Summary for 07 February 2007

General (56%)
Energy | 673.3 kcal 56%
Protein | 46.0 g 66%
Fat | 23.0 g 35%
Carbs | 89.3 g 37%
Fiber | 24.3 g 97%
Water | 1193.6 g 44%

Vitamins (88%)
Vitamin A | 14428.0 IU 618%
Folate | 462.4 mcg 116%
B1 (Thiamine) | 0.9 mg 80%
B2 (Riboflavin) | 2.4 mg 218%
B3 (Niacin) | 15.0 mg 107%
B5 (Pantothenic Acid)| 6.5 mg 130%
B6 (Pyridoxine) | 1.2 mg 95%
B12 (Cyanocobalamin) | 0.4 mcg 19%
Vitamin C | 285.3 mg 380%
Vitamin D | 196.9 IU 98%
Vitamin E | 10.4 mg 70%
Vitamin K | 610.2 mcg 678%

Minerals (77%)
Calcium | 635.0 mg 64%
Copper | 1.7 mg 189%
Iron | 10.6 mg 59%
Magnesium | 272.6 mg 85%
Manganese | 2.7 mg 151%
Phosphorus | 768.4 mg 110%
Potassium | 3248.1 mg 69%
Selenium | 108.8 mcg 198%
Sodium | 469.4 mg 31%
Zinc | 4.8 mg 61%

Amino Acids

Lipids (40%)
Saturated | 2.7 g 13%
Omega-3 | 3.1 g 278%
Omega-6 | 5.6 g 47%
Cholesterol | 0.0 g 0%


April said...

Is dropping things like a hot potato an American expression?

More cat pictures!


April said...

Also, I'm sure you're right that your days in London are upping your average. I did it that way for the first year or so.


Anonymous said...

For setting macronutrient targets I went on the assumption that if you want to be 40-30-30, then take the goal calorie intake and calculate from there. So for my 1200 intake that's 120g carb, 90g protein and 40g fat (4,4 and 9 cal per g respectively). Of course the calories per gram don't always adhere. My problem is where to set the upper limits at! For a while I was mistaking my goal intake for my upper limits. The other problem is what alcohol calories do to the formula.

We should do a wiki for C-o-M! Then everyone can put their tips and recommendations in one place.

Deborah said...

Hi Sara,
Aaron, the developer of Cron-o-meter is on your side of the pond. His blog space is here
He writes quite a bit about his work on the he seems to be practising CR as he goes too. So another one to read..
You should at least have the most recent version of the has the updated female DRI's

have a nice evening

April said...

Aaron and his wife Christine are both serious CR practitioners, life-extensionists, Mprize Three Hundred members, and the nicest people on earth. And Christine is drop dead gorgeous. Seriously, she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met.


Sara said...

April - a "hot potato" here tends to be a problematic issue that no one wants to claim responsibility for, and so passes from person to person, everyone throwing it around to avoid getting their fingers burnt. But I got your meaning! :-) And I am monitoring my weight - I have a point beyond which I am not willing to drop anyway.

I just looked at Aaron's blog. It will be so interesting because I am actually a software developer too, (well, supposed to be) so I should be able to understand the techy bits, and I am thrilled that he is now this side of the pond and so will have access to the same sort of ingredients as I do. I was thinking this morning, as I trudged through slushy snow, that I really should think about making my own mega-muffin type baked goods - and the most recent entry on the blog is about that, so yay! I shall say hello.

Meanwhile I shall tinker with CoM at the weekend and try and understand the numbers. Software developer I might be. Numerate, unfortunately, I am not.

I think a Wiki, or similar, for CoM would be great. I've said before that Livejournal is a lot better than Blogger for community posting and queries; sometimes I think a community would be nice. But then poor April would never get any rest; we'd have to pay her full time!