Friday, 9 February 2007

Random Musings and Observations

From the last 24 hours, to Self, partially tongue-in-cheek

- The view from Hungerford Bridge across the river to St Pauls and the South Bank at dusk is one of the wonders of London. You should stand and gaze at it more often.

- You can't handle coffee after 4pm, no matter how nice it is, or how continental you feel sipping it out of the bowls at Le Pain Quotidien. It makes you more neurotic than usual, and you really don't need it. Do yourself a favour and do Decaff.

- You can get a really nice tofu salad at LePQ, but it would be even better if they'd put the dressings on the side like you'd asked. The Nebbiolo didn't really cancel out the caffeine in your coffee. Still, your average is well and truly bumped.

- Eating that much broccoli and that many mushrooms at lunchtime is really not a good idea after all. It left you short on A, and bloated your tummy so much a couple of hours later that both your friend who is 7 months pregnant AND yourself were offered seats on the tube on the way home, and given knowing, conspiratorial, "when's it due?" glances from random sympathetic women.

- P will eat dinner with unusual appetite and enjoyment at 10pm. He's just never hungry before that. He never told you before.

- If he is distracted by cooking said dinner, he won't freak out when you write out the phrasing and choose the fonts for your Save The Dates and invitations. He will even contribute. And by some miracle you actually agree on the font to be used.

- Three cats are very useful hot water bottle substitutes on a cold night.

- Sleeping in pantyhose hurts your toes.

- You must remember that the electronic scales in Boots are no longer a good option for monitoring your weight, since they've upgraded them to shout instructions and then the said weight in a loud and patronising voice across the entire store. This is very embarrassing.


April said...

Save the date?

Are you engaged??????????


Sara said...

We are committing... :-)

April said...


I can't believe I'm the only person who caught that, or at least who commented. I must have radar for this sort of thing.

That's great! Wishing you both many, many years of happiness!


Deborah said...

I saw it too, as well as a comment on someone elses blog a few days back..July is it??

Congrats. It's so exciting. I wish you all the best.


skinnybitch said...

Wow, don't know how I missed that.

April said...

So when is the date?


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you too sara! I help brides all spring and summer at our flower shop and wedding supplies rental shop, btw. I *love* imagining what the weddings are like that we help brides prepare for. I feel like a wedding planner veteran now.. Weddings can be expensive and there are so many choices to be made- it's really quite amazing. Each time I see your blog now, I imagine you preparing for your wedding… and wistfully imagining how wonderful it will be! (I look forward to when you post the pictures- even though that’s months or years away!)

Sara said...

Thank you all! :-)

The date is July 14th. It's quite scary, actually! So much to organise to make sure that everyone enjoys the party. It's not going to be huge; more like a summer garden party; we've hired the grounds of a house to hold it in, and some marquees. I might post some pictures later!